Follow along, and we'll show you how to find our verified reports, and at the end, explain how we use them to ensure you're getting essential oils that are not only 100% pure, but the most therapeutically-active available on the Planet.









You can then view and download the oil's CofA and GC/MS easily (you can also preview these before you purchase the oil as well!)

Lavender Essential Oil Page Screenshot















When you click the batch/lot number, the Certificate of Analysis will appear.
You may click on the image below to bring up this specific Certificate of Analysis in your browser:

Lavender Essential Oil GC/MS Results















SO? What do these numbers mean, and how do we know this is a pure, genuine, great-smelling and highly therapeutic oil?

We verify every one of the constituents are within a 'normal' range for the essential oil variety being tested - here we are looking at organic High Elevation Lavender essential oil from Grasse, France. We have worked with one of the finest essential oil chemists in all of France to develop our own library of standards for some oils, others our analytical chemist Dr. Anthony Ferarri has researched data from several scientific journals and other databases to be sure what is supposed to be in each essential oil, and perhaps more importantly, what's not supposed to be there.

This is truly not an easy process. There are some standards, which we utilize (AFNOR being one, in conjunction with data-sets from several aroma-chemists across the globe). The GC/MS and physicochemical tests do not just pop out an answer such as "Yes! This is a pure essential oil!". Rather, review of these results to assure purity (as well as authenticity, meaning the oil is both the species it says it's from, grown in the region it says it's from) can take hours for some of the more complex oils such as Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli and the like. And when some oils have higher or lower levels of certain constituents, we always ask ourselves - is this good? Is this normal? The exact same time, variation is natural! Every year, there are variations in rainfall and temperature, which affects the chemical constituents - as well as the aroma.

Chemical Families & Specific Constituents

As noted above, the individual constituents are grouped by their chemical family. You can read more about chemical families of essential  oils here. Each individual constituents is a member of one of these chemical families. We are compiling a document explaining the available scientific information available for each of these essential oil chemical constituents, which explains the research supporting their actions that other scientists have examined thus far. So, for example, on the essential oil chemical constituents page, you can click on chamazulene - which explains this is imparts the blue color in Blue Tansy and German Chamomile, and also has anti-inflammatory process.

In addition, there are known ranges for each of the physicochemical tests - these are physical measurements using specific instruments in the lab checking Refractive Index, Optical Rotation, Specific Gravity, Viscosity and Solubility). These too have 'norms' or acceptable ranges, which support the results of the GC/MS data. So not only must the GC/MS data be correct for an oil to be assured as pure, but results of these four tests must also be in compliance.

In regards to the aroma, we test many pure essential oils of the same variety, and select to offer you the one with the best aroma. It may not be the cheapest, but we guarantee it's the best. As we've said, 100% pure and authentic oils with the very finest aromas will be the most therapeutic for every aroma-therapeutic application. There can be 5 lavender samples here at any time which prove to be pure. But it's the one with the fullest, richest boquet of aroma which we believe - and this is the art of aromatherapy - that this will be the most therapeutic oil as well.

What makes Ananda's QA/QC process different?
So many companies show you their GC/MS results, but they don't describe for you that they've actually reviewed these, carefully, by an analyst experienced in essential oils. Just because the oil has a GC/MS report doesn't make it pure and authentic! A thorough review by a highly-educated analyst (again, we've got a Ph.D. on staff just to do this for you!) is required to conclude whether an essential oil is pure or not. Further, if we have any question about an oil

Further, it's not just about purity!
The aroma matters as well. We believe the very best essential oils are those that are 100% pure and genuine, AND have the very finest aromas. Plus, we take great care of our oils here, making sure the one's that need to be kept in the cool and dark are done so, along with flushing these bottles with nitrogen so no oxygen is present to prematurely age sensitive oils. We want these oils not only to have the greatest therapeutic properties when we test them here, but when they arrive at your doorstep as well!