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Hi All! -- This is a note to everyone who has subscribed to our blog posts, but who may want to receive our upcoming very first newsletter.

We invite you to subscribe if you haven't yet, and wanted let you know that while you may be subscribed to our blog posts, the system for the newsletter is different. (In technical terms, this is a Wordpress feed, whereas the newsletter is, well, an email newsletter  :)

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The Ananda Apothecary Newsletter: Promotions, Specials, News & More

The newsletter will include all our specials and promotions, new product updates, and other "hot" Ananda Apothecary news. We plan to include at least one special with each publication, along with useful recipes, scientific updates in aromatherapy science, and other good stuff -- all to help you get the most benefit from your use of essential oils for both health and enjoyment.

It's a simple subscription process, just fill in your name and email address on our Newsletter Subscription page, and confirm your joining by clicking the link in the confirmation email you'll receive.

We Respect Your Privacy!

We're very concerned with privacy, and your information is never shared with anyone else, ever. You can also easily unsubscribe at any time with just the click of a button (though we hope instead you really can't wait for the next one to show up!)

We thank you for using The Ananda Apothecary as a source for your therapeutic grade essential oils and your source of aroma-medicine information. We continue to make strides in being an even better resource for you in this incredible area of natural health, and hope we can make a difference in your health and happiness. Thanks for reading!