Frankincense Resin

Try the pure essential oils and CO2-extracts of Boswellia Sacra from Oman, Carteri from Somalia and Seratta from India...truly the finest Frankincense essential oils we've ever experienced.

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All these varieties of Frankincense are some of our downright favorite oils, and among the most thoroughly-researched in the scientific arena. More studies have shown the potential anti-cancer activity of Frankincense than any other essential oil. It's been noted by top aromatherapists as the immune system modulator (meaning it may be the best choice to keep the immune system functioning optimally).


Frankincense Tree

AND of course, we love the wonderful, unique aromas of all of them:

  • Boswellia Carteri, from Somalia: The co2-distilled oil has an incredible richness of both citrus and 'woody' notes and is beautifully-balanced in the mid-tones. The steam distilled Carteri is higher-noted, and sought after by those seeking a traditionally-distilled essential oil.
  • Boswellia Seratta, from India: This co2-distilled oil has deep 'smokey', notes not found in any other variety. When folks ask "I'd like Frakincense that smells like Church", this is the one we direct them too. It may especially be a Frankincense connoisseur's favorite.
  • Boswellia Sacra, from Oman: This is a magnificent hydro-distilled essential oil, brighter than the co2's, with a sweet, very rich aroma.
Frankincense Tree An up-close image of the bark of a Boswellia tree. The bark is cut, and the exuded resin is dried to become Frankincense.

If you're not familiar with the difference between the co2's, hydro- and steam-distillates, here's a quick primer...

Steam Distillation: Imagine a pound of Frankincense resin "tears" put in a stainless steel container, with steam being passed through from below, and captured after it passed through the resin at the top. This steam is then cooled, the essential oil floats on top, and the two are separated - leaving just the oil.

For therapeutic-grade oils, this is generally done at the lowest temperature at which enough steam for the process can be produced...or as close to 212 Deg F. as possible.

Hydro Distillation: Really, this is almost the same as steam distillation - yet here, the resin is boiled, the steam captured and cooled, and the oil and water separated. The process ensures the lowest possible temperature for a water-based extraction process.

CO2 Distillation: This can be imagined as a similar process, using highly pressurized CO2 in its liquid state as the 'solvent', rather than water. The true differences are the temperature at which the process is performed (at 100 Deg. F), and the fact that the liquid CO2 carries larger molecules into the final oil (known technically as a CO2-extract).

These oils will contain the molecular components of the steam distilled oils, and additional larger molecules that are not extracted by the steam process. This tends to give them a somewhat more broad range of aromatic notes, and potential therapeutic action as well (though this still seems to be just a theory).

We would certainly say the 'best' of these oils is a personal preference - prices vary due to rarity (there is less Boswellia Sacra resin available for essential oil distillation in the world), as well as demand (again, because of its rarity, and perhaps the name, the Sacra variety's price is pressured by this as well).

The truth is, we've selected what we've found to be the absolute best of each Boswellia species' essential oil, and each one is really, really nice.

Wearing a drop of Frankincense on the wrists is a great way to enjoy it as a natural perfume (yes, you can wear it 'neat') - which is also a great way to enjoy it yourself aroma-therapeutically over the course of the day. Its aroma has been valued for centuries as a meditation aid, and is known to affect the pituitary gland, through its abundance of sesquiterpenes. This class of molecules is considered to have complex pharmacological actions.

Pure Frankincense essential oil is perhaps our favorite single essential oil to use in a diffuser. We find the whole house smelling wonderful, with everyone entering the space commenting how great it smells in there (long after we're unable to detect the scent ;)

Frankincense essential oils are also known for their anti-aging effects on the skin. They may be included in blends, typically at around 1% of the total formula (including carrier), as an aid to diminish fine lines and smooth skin tone.

So however you use them, our Frankincense essential oils right now are a particularly-great bargain...stock up on your favorite or try something new!