Lavender Essential Oil Lavender: The quintessential calming essential oil.

The essential oils of Lavender, Bergamot and Sweet Orange have all garnered attention recently in scientific research for their anti-reducing actions (See our recent post here). These effects are demonstrated whether the oils were diffused, or ingested in small amounts.

Now, you may include one of these essential oils for free with any order over $49. Simply make a note in the comment box as to which you would prefer:

Orange Essential Oil

What we think is really being shown by the research is that truly all the essential oils used for their calming action will have a demonstrable effect. Other essential oils that come to mind are Sandalwood, Cape and Roman Chamomiles, the Mandarins, Geranium and Melissa. Truly, whatever oil you feel calms you or relieves anxiety is likely to not "just be in your head".

And the research is supporting the actual aromatic use of essential oils for this purpose, by using diffused essential oils in studies. The diffusers used are similar to our wood-base units, though any way enjoy the aroma will do perfectly!