We've just added Sacred Frankincense, to make it five unique offerings of this amazing essential oil. For a limited time, we'll include a free 5ml bottle of the Frankincense of your choice with any order over $79. Good from Friday March 15th until midnight, Sunday March 31st!!!


Frankincense Tree

Simply note your choice in the 'comments box' of the checkout page:

Boswellia Carteri, CO2
Boswellia Seratta, CO2
Boswellia Sacra, Hydro

Need help making a choice? the Carteri is the oil we've carried since the opening of the Ananada Apothecary. It's truly incredible, with it's sweet citrus/woody aroma. Absolutely divine.

Next we added the Seratta, a deep, smokey, earthy scent. Truly unique. Finally, we were approached by the distillers of the wildcrafted Sacred Frankincense, or Boswellia Sacra from Oman ~ to complete our wonderful trio of this important oil.

So what's so special about Frankincense, and what's the difference between our oils? Frankincense is, like Lavender, a "medicine chest in a bottle." Along with Lavender, it can be profoundly healing on may levels. The boswellic acids found in the oil have been noted in research for a wide variety of actions, including their ability to induce cell death in cancer cells, and relieve inflammation in painful joints.

Frankincense Frankincense resin, from which the essential oil is distilled.

In the Complete Book of Aromatherapy, Salvatore Battaglia calls it "the number one immunomodulator", the best of all essential oils at balancing the immune system. And its aroma has been perhaps the most widely-known among spiritual seekers in the Western world.

As with any oil, its natural chemical composition the choice of the distillation method. The CO2 extracted oil was the first of the "CO2's" to be accepted by professional aromatherapists at the time as truly valuable for its healing properties. The cooler-temperature process brings the therapeutically-valuable larger molecules into the oil. And the aroma, with a deeper overall tone owing to these same heavier-molecular-weight molecules is really something wonderful to experience.

So! Be sure to include in your order, when your subtotal is over $79, which of these lovely Frankincense essential oils you'd like to try!