Madarin Essential Oil

Until midnight Monday, March 31: With all orders over $79, in addition to receiving a 60ml of our incredible organic Rose Hydrosol (free with orders over $49), you'll get a 5ml bottle of each of our favorite, cold-pressed organic citrus essential oils:

Italian Lemon, Italian Bergamot, Italian Red Mandarin, South African Pink Grapefruit and wild Sweet Orange from the Dominican Republic - and incredible diversity of aromas and therapeutic benefits in one kit! Be sure to request your sampler pack in the comments section of the checkout page!

Here's a little about each of the oils...

Organic Italian Lemon

lemon essential oil Lemon Essential Oil is the Great Cleanser

Lemon essential oil is used most commonly for 'cleansing' - both the body, and around the home. It is ingestable (as are all these oils)...add 1 - 5 drops of lemon to a cool glass of water anytime of day (really, first thing in the morning is best, but it's certainly refreshing at any time). The action of lemon essential oil can encourage the liver to produce more bile and flush out toxins.

Aromatically, lemon is the 'highest note' in aromatherapy. It is frequently used as an 'uplifting' aroma, particularly when doing mentally-active tasks. Research has found that diffusing lemon essential oil during studying and test taking actually improved test scores.

In a Japanese study, reduced errors by office workers (there's a scientific basis for this, in that many 'higher-noted' essential oils prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain).

Add a couple drops of oil to each cup of warm water for cleaning surfaces in the kitchen and a around the house for a great, fresh aroma. We even sprinkle a little on the rugs before vacuuming when we're really in a cleaning frenzy!

Organic Italian Bergamot

Bergamot is THE most widely-researched anti-depressant aromatic. Studies have shown the regular inhalation of bergamot essential oil, tested against a placebo, improve scores of mood - bringing about a positive, healthy outlook.

Other research has suggested Bergamot be included as an 'official' complimentary medical therapy, as its inhalation has been noted to reduce the need for pain medication after surgery. Bergamot also has anti-viral properties, shown effective against the herpes virus.

And, well, it's one of our all-time favorite essential oils to diffuse by its very own.

Italian Red Mandarin

Bergamot Fruit Bergamot fruit, from which the incredible sweet-tart essential oil is pressed.

In France, Mandarin is known as "the children's remedy", as it manages to calm younger kids in a twofold manner: It contains a unique molecule in its natural chemical makeup that specifically calms children. Put a little in a diffuser in your house when it's that time of day to "wind down", and see what happens!

It's also excellent for tummy troubles - it seems to act by moving bile from the liver - thereby being a gentle stimulant to the digestive system in general. Add several drops to a 1/2 teaspoon of any carrier oil in the palm of your hand and rub on your child's abdomen...both the aromatic calming and physiological support can happen this way.

South African Pink Grapefruit

Like Italy and its rich soils for Lemon, Mandarin and Bergamot, South Africa also has soils and climates to grow wonderful citrus fruit. From here comes both our Pink and Ruby Red grapefruit oils. Its aroma is out-of-this-world...

Grapefruit's aroma, like Bergamot's, is a real 'bringer of smiles'. It's a very uplifting scent - and like lemon, can be used to flavor your water, and add a little cleansing action.

On psychological and emotional levels, grapefruit is noted to assist in cases of depression where one may tend to overindulge in food or chemicals to pacify their pain. The oil may clear the psychological 'heat' and congestion that result from self-criticism and blame, promoting a lightness of spirit.

In aromatherapy applications, grapefruit is refreshing, cheering, slightly euphoria-inducing and slightly energizing. Grapefruit's sweet and familiar aroma can evoke warm feelings that melt sour dispositions.

Grapefruit essential oil has a unique 'fat dissolving' characteristic. The oil is most noted for use in reducing cellulite, (it can be used by itself, or in a carrier and massaged into those areas). It has been shown in laboratory studies to increase the metabolism of adipose tissue (fat cells, and specifically 'brown' fat cells.)

The oil SHOULD NOT be used on skin which will be exposed to sunlight for any significant length of time within 72 hours following application, as it, like Bergamot, Lemon and Orange can cause photo-sensitivity (Mandarin is the exception here).

Wild Sweet Orange

Orange Essential Oil


From the Dominican Republic comes our Wild Sweet Orange. While 'sweet orange' itself is a wonderfully-uplifting scent, the 'wild' sweet orange is an incredible, unique aroma not to be missed.

Its aroma is unlike any citrus fruit you've is 'orange', but with a twist. Uplifting, complex, sweet, yet not quite as 'candy-like' as the more common 'sweet orange'.

Like Bergamot, we think you'll love it in a diffuser by itself, and you'll find you can blend any or all of these oils together to create your own 'magic' formula. (Oils from the same family as these can easily be blended to your own tastes...want your diffuser's scent to be a little brigher? Add a little more lemon...a little sweeter? Try more Mandarin!

And Finally, Our Ongoing Specials...

Last but not least, a reminder of our ongoing specials...with any order over $49, receive a free 60ml bottle of organic Rose hydrosol (mention this in the comments section of the checkout page). Our Sacred Frankincense and Corsican Helichrysum are both currently marked down by 20% (we've recently acquired significant amounts of these wonderful oils and want to share with everyone)!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!