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German Chamomile Flower in Bloom.

Roman Chamomile, like Lavender, is one of the most frequently used 'calming aromatics. It too is excellent in skin care blends, as this Chamomile is a very popular 'beauty-care' ingredient. The aroma of our organic Hungarian Chamomile is really very pleasing - and we highly recommend it for those looking for a little calm in their day. It can be inhaled straight from the bottle, used 'neat', or employed in your blends.

Roman Chamomile is one of the pre-eminent calming essential oils used with children. If your child doesn't care for Lavender, give Roman Chamomile a try! It's safety profile is such that it can be used with the youngest of your family. An excellent application method is to put a few drops in the palm of your hand, along with a teaspoon of any carrier oil, and give a foot massage to the young ones - or ANYone that could benefit from its soothing qualities.

Roman Chamomile Oil is used extensively in Europe for the skin, increasing the ability of the skin to regenerate. Roman Chamomile contains nearly 80% esters, an amount rarely found in essential oils. According to Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt in Advanced Aromatherapy, " Even in very small concentrations, whether alone or in combinations with other oils (Roman Chamomile) has a soothing effect. It relieves cramps and spasms and helps relieve shock. In such cases, it is appropriate to massage a few undiluted drops into the solar plexus." We've found it to do wonders for stomach cramps by simply massaging a few drops 'neat' into the solar plexus and abdomen.


Cape Chamomile Essential Oil

Our lesser-known organic Cape Chamomile from South Africa is an exceptionally-fine, and more rare, essential oil. It has a pale blue color, indicating some Chamulzine content (like the German), though has a beautiful, soft, floral scent. This too is great for all applications where one may use Roman Chamomile...you can use them interchangeably depending on one's scent preference.


The sesquiterpenes (chamazulene) and sesquiterpenols (α-bisabolol) of German Chamomile may excel in a wide range of healing properties, which are hard to find in comparable strength in any other oils. The deep blue liquid has a strong, sweetish warm herbaceous aroma. The aroma is certainly interesting, and may be somewhat potent for some (if using Chamomile aromatically, the Cape or Roman Chamomiles may be the oil of choice). This particular oil is of a high alpha-bisabolol chemotype, specifically recommended by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt in 'Advanced Aromatherapy'.


German Chamomile

The botanical name of German Chamomile, "Martricaria", meaning "Caring for the womb" finds its echo in folk medicine that has always emphasizes chamomile’s emmenagogue properties and its connection with the female system. German or "Blue" Chamomile can be of good help in cases of headaches caused by gall bladder deficiency and general digestive problems and nausea. Similar to Helichrysum, it has been used to dissolve congestions of the blood. It has excellent properties to ease neuralgic pain and inflammatory processes, esp. of the eyes and the stomach (ulcer), but also helps with cystitis, arthritis, inflamed joints and rheumatism in some individuals.


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