Helichrysum Flowers Helichrysum Flowers, Source of This Amazing Oil

Marked down 20%! Helichrysum italicum is one of our most-used essential oils personally. And we're grateful to have received more of the latest distillation!

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Inflammation-reducing, regenerative and anti-spasmodic, we use this oil with virtually instant relief from many aches and pains. It's a key component in many skin care blends as well. Its constituents are active against blood clots and potently anti-oxidant.

Our Most Common Use

Back and neck ache...both are pretty much instantly relieved by 'neat' (undiluted) massage of Helichrysum essential oil. Yeah, the world might not love the way you smell, but everything 'lets go'. It's really amazing. Two of our staff have chronic back an neck pain, which they use other 'alternative' healing methods for as well...yet, when they symptoms become unbearable, it's always a Helichrysum essential oil 'spot' rub that does the job.

It doesn't take much, but it works every time. Just a few drops, massage in, let it sit, and notice in a few minutes the pain is gone.

Other Common Uses Include:

  • Reduction of pain and speeding healing of virtually any wound, including small burns, bumps and bruises.
  • Addition to anti-aging skin-care formulas at about a 1% concentration.
  • Repeated daily use over time is recommended by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, America's leading medical aromatherapist, for reduction of appearance of all types of scars. Some folks use the oil 'neat' for this, while others create their own skin care blends.
  • Constituents of the oil are considered chelating agents, assisting removal of heavy-metals from the body. A 5% concentration in any carrier oil massaged daily on the feet may be the best choice for this process.

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