Helichrysum Italicum One of our all-time favorite essential oils is distilled from the flowers of Helichrysum Italicum.

Now is the time to stock up on Helichrysum italicum... we've a great new, highly-therapeutic, low-cost source! GC/MS results of wildcrafted Balkan Peninsula Helichrysum italicum shows an exceptionally high level of Italidiones...these are the regenerative 'di-ketones' found only in this oil.

Plus a high-level of γ-curcumines, the anti-inflammatory molecules crucial for its noted pain-relieving attributes.

helichrysum essential oil

Why the lower-cost for this very therapeutic variety? Simply because it doesn't carry the moniker of 'Corsican' or 'French'. The true therapeutic value of the essential oil is just as great - as shown by its GC/MS report and our use of it.

Our owner says he douses his body in more of this essential oil than any other, and with very good reason. Helichrysum is one of the most diversely-therapeutic essential oils known...similar to Lavender in it's multitude of applications.

We've found profound pain relief and increased healing speed to many aches and pains: bruises, bumps, athletic injuries - simple tight neck and back muscles - all respond well, and quickly! - to Helichrysum application. We've a massage therapist who says it's simply his job to "deliver the Helichysum"! We use it neat (undiluted) for such cases, though it can be diluted down to 10% (or even less) in any carrier oil as well.

Because of its regenerative and anti-inflammatory aspects, it's an incredible oil for skin care. 3% in Tamanu and Rosehip Seed oils is said to diminish the appearance of old scars. The oil is an excellent ingredient in virtually EVERY skin care formula you wish to make. It combines very well with Rosehip CO2, Carrot CO2, Sea Buckthorn CO2, Frankincense, and Rosemary Verbenone.

We absolutely love this oil...and it's worth while to stock up on this Balkan Peninsula distillation now, as we'll only be carrying it for a limited time - plus, Helichrysum is known for a shelf-life of 5 years...you're sure to be out again before that date arrives!