When we'd run our promotion a week ago, asking folks for their ideas as to what they'd like to see at The Ananda Apothecary, we'd offered a 5ml bottle of sandalwood oil in exchange for this invaluable information :)

Sandalwood Essential Oil Our Exquisite Indian Sandalwood "Extra" Essential Ol

We had the most positive feedback as we've ever had on any other oil in our collection on this sandalwood 'extra' (the word 'extra' can be used to mean two or more pure essential oils of the same type, but from different sources -- typically geographical -- have been blended to create what is generally a "more complex" aroma -- more aromatic notes can make for a more interesting, lively aroma).

So we've added it to the site! For those that aren't aware of what this is about, we had received a pure East Indian sandalwood oil. However, it's quite fresh, and will have a more rounded aroma several years from now.  So we experimented a bit and found that a blend of 1/5th pure Vanuatu (Pacific Island) sandalwood and 4/5ths of the East Indian Sandalwood to be absolutely amazing.

One gentleman who'd received a bottle had this to say about it: "I have received your blend of the East Indian and Pacific Sandalwood oil. I'm a sandalwood snob and this is one of the finest blends ever. If you are looking for the true essence of a great sandalwood oil this one is for you." He also promptly purchased a rather large quantity, which told us he really meant what he'd said :)

Remember, santolol levels can be important when considering the therapeutic value of a sandalwood oil, as it has been shown to have the ability to prevent skin cancers (though it is really our feeling that this has a lot to do it being the only constituent of the oil that has been researched significantly). Indian sandalwoods always have the highest amount, with this "Extra" being made up of over 80% santolols.