We had such and incredible response to the combination of pure sandalwood oils (our "Sandalwood Extra" with Santalum album from Indian, and Santalum autrocaledonium from the Pacific  Island of Vanuatu), that we had a good amount sent from India right away.

Sandalwood Essential Oil Our pure East Indian Sandalwood, and the exquisite Sandalwood "Extra" Oils are back in stock.

Also, we had several people interested in the Indian sandalwood alone. Here's the scoop, so you can make your best choice:

  • In scientific research,  the possible reduction of skin caner by sandalwood essential oil is attributed to the oil's component called santolol (there are two: α-santolol and β-santolol -- "alpha" and "beta"}. This does not mean that other components don't contribute to this effect; they simply have yet to be studied.
  • Because these santolols are highest in Indian sandalwood (ours has a level of 90%, which is fairly common for Indian sandalwood), adding the Pacific Island sandalwood lowers this to about 82%.
  • This, however, gives our relatively "fresh" distillation of Indian sandalwood an incredible aroma -- as if it had aged 5 or 10 years. This aging is desirable for the aromatic aspect of sandalwood. It gains some middle and lower notes, like the Pacific Island already has.
  • It is unknown whether the changes which occur in sandalwood oils' chemistry  as it ages affect its therapeutic properties. Experimentation was more than likely done with relatively fresh oil, though we're not absolutely sure.

We had several requests for simply the pure Indian variety while only the "Extra" was available on the website, specifically for these skin care applications.

Our Recommendations

  • If you are using the oil specifically for skin care, you may want to select the pure Indian Santalu album.
  • At the same time, the 8% is a very little difference; you could always put just a tiny bit more in your blends.
  • Women may lean toward the Indian variety naturally for skin care anyway, as it is the deeper tones that give the aroma a somewhat more "masculine" aspect.
  • For that reason, men may select the "Extra".
  • For purely aromatic, and aromatically-associated effects like relaxation and sleep enhancement -- and of course, simply really enjoying the scent of sandalwood, we here at Ananda highly recommend the "Extra". The "Extra" has gotten incredible reviews from our customers, with which we strongly agree. Some of us feel it is one of, if not THE, finest sandalwood aromas we've ever come across. So if aroma is what you're looking for, try the Extra; if certain therapeutic uses are your interest, the description above should help you decide.

Thanks! We hope you enjoy ALL your oils from The Ananda Apothecary!