Building a set of forums regarding the many applications of essential oils, their properties, which oils to use for what conditions, etc, was a primary request by our blog readers in this last two weeks.

Lavender OilsWe do understand that growing a forum full of valuable information takes time, and above all it takes contributions from users of essential oils for both their aromas and their biochemical medicinal actions.

Contributions such as these fill the forums with useful information as a reference for everyone. SO, if you simply register at the forum, and make a single post, we'll send you a coupon for a free 5ml bottle of lavender essential oil of your choice to include in your next order. The coupon is for the bottle of oil only, so we recommend you include it with an order to save yourself shipping costs, though you don't have to :)  Just make sure you add the bottle to your cart FIRST, then apply the coupon!

Also, PLEASE email us if you'd like a new forum or sub-forum created at -- we'll create it right away!

THIS OFFER is available for  7 days -- from Saturday the 9th to until July 16th! Help us, and hopefully help you and make a post! Thanks!!!