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Lavender, as you may know, is referred to as the 'Medicine Chest in a Bottle' for its very broad spectrum of action. Lavender essential oil is what began the 'modern aroma-medicine' revolution, when in 1910 French chemist and scholar René-Maurice Gattefossé discovered it's virtues after badly burning his hand in a laboratory accident. The closest thing to stop the burning was a vat of lavender essential oil, into which he thrust his hand.


Lavender flowers - source of this amazing essential oil.

He was amazed at how quickly pain was relieved and the skin healed. After years of experimentation, in 1937, he wrote a book called 'Aromathérapie: Les Huiles essentielles hormones végétales', which directly translated means (roughly) 'Aromatherapy: Essential Oils, The Hormones of Plants'. The book was translated to English and published under the name, simply 'Aromatherapy'.


Lavender has SO many wonderful properties...It is the number one essential oil used to reduce stress, to help with insomnia, to sooth skin, and much, much more. Each of our Lavender essential oil pages: the French High-Elevation, French Wildcrafted, and Bulgarian Organic has loads of great information about Lavender essential oil and its uses.

This may even give you the chance to try all three, and find your favorite (and blending them together is always a fun experiment for the aromatically-curious!)