Many essential oils are known to calm and soothe. Though it's Mandarin essential oils that are particularly effective with children of all ages...which may be helpful during these 'back to school' weeks!

First, the aroma is widely appreciated. It's like aromatic-candy: beautifully sweet, yet still complex enough for adults to love as well.

Citrus oils in general are uplifting, bringing about a happy state of mind. Yet Mandarins are unique, according to Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt - America's leading medical aromatherapist, with "the presence of the sedative anthranilic acid ester, making this oil the first choice for use with children suffering from anxiety, nervousness, or stress."

Mandarin essential oils are known as "the children's remedy" in France, because of their wonderful sweet aromas, their ability to calm hyperactivity, and even to ease tummy troubles - as they aid in the natural movement of bile.

All the Mandarin essential oils are very safe. They're excellent for diffuser use, may be applied topically (without the concern of phototoxicity of other citrus oils), and may be ingested as well. A few drops may be taken internally once per day, mixed in water or juice.

Whenever needed, simply expose your children (or yourself!) to the aroma whatever way is easiest for you. The oils are safe for use in any manner.

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You may read more about each Mandarin type on our main Mandarin Essential Oil page: