Our Magnificent Organic Bulgarian Melissa Essential Oil

Our fantastic 100% pure, first-distilled, therapeutic grade Melissa (or "Lemon Balm") essential oil is on sale for the next two weeks. ALL sizes are 20% off. This is a a wonderful, fresh lot of the essential oil, and Melissa has a 'shelf life' of over 2 years. It is so wonderfully-healing, that it's one of those oils worthwhile to have on hand. See more here!

Melissa Essential Oil Bottle Melissa, or 'Lemon Balm'

Not only is it the most thoroughly-researched anti-viral essential oil, it's also known for its use for relieving headaches (a drop can be massaged into each temple).

It is also said to be balancing of the emotions, and to be calming and uplifting as well. Certainly, it is one of the most highly-valued essential oils with broad medicinal properties - appropriate for everyone's collection. We hope you enjoy it!