Clean, fun, & therapeutic soap blends!

The whole staff at Ananda Apothecary is pleased to announce the launch of our new hand soaps that protect your health and the environment all in one wash.

As a Thank You for being blog readers and faithful customers, we're offering  a free trial of your favorite of the new soaps!

We'll also have unscented soaps in the bottles of your choice so you can "spike" your own with essential oils :)


We'll include a travel size of the soap of your choice with any order with a subtotal over $65 dollars. Just tell us which one you'd like in the comments box of the checkout page!


PLEASE NOTE: The soaps will be available on the site mid-day Wednesday August 17th. The free trial continues ONLY through the end of the day Tuesday, August 23rd.

Two varieties of soap base, the bottles, and blends
New at The Ananda Apothecary....

  • Soap Bases

Given the harsh chemicals added to hand soaps currently on the market, we chose two soap bases for different purposes: Certified Organic Aloe Castile Soap for normal and oily skin, or for blends that hold higher concentrations of essential oils, and Certified Organic High Olive Castile Gel for delicate, mature, and sensitive skin. The difference is the amount of unsaturated fats in the soap; the higher the unsaturated fat, the gentler the soap. High Olive Castile Gel contains vegetable glycerin as a softener and thickener that protects the skin.

  • Bottles


  • Foam Pump Top Bottles are designed for the consistency of Aloe Castile Soap. Aloe Castile is a liquid that, when passed through the pump, becomes a rich foam. These soaps are available in a counter top size (18 oz.), a travel size (1.75 oz.), and a refill size (32 oz.).
  • Lotion Dispenser Top Bottles suit the thicker consistency of the High Olive Castile Gel. Luxurious lather requires only a little soap, which makes it also a great body wash. Given the gentleness of the High Olive Castile Gel, it is suitable for frequent washings, for mature, sensitive, and baby skin. This soap comes in a counter top size (8 oz.), a travel size (2 oz.), and a refill size (32 oz.)
  • Simple Soap Refill Bottles (16oz and 32 oz.) so you can experiment with your own blends, or for people with sensitivities.
  • Bottles Only will be made available so that you can be a home soap-scientist, and make your very own blends to suit your personal purposes and tastes.


  • The Ananda Soap Blends

There are a variety of soaps for your sensibilities: anti-microbial, youth-preserving, earthy, energizing, chocolaty, and one for kids. Choose your favorite of the following, and receive a free sample with your order.


Guardian Angel

A crisp, clean blend to protect against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Based in a natural Aloe Castile Soap, Guardian Angel protects you and the water supply from harsh chemicals usually found in anti-bacterial soaps. Lemongrass, Bay Laurel, and Benchmark Thyme combine to provide strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory actions, while Geranium heals wounded skin and Amyris nourishes receptivity and grace. Perfect for the home, as well as for use in health care and child care settings.


Rose Regeneration


As age shows first in the hands, our Rose Regeneration offers a variety of replenishing and rejuvenative oils to prevent signs of aging and sun damage. The High Olive Castile Gel makes this blend ideal for sensitive, fair, and mature skin. Sea Buckthorn, Carrot Root, and Helichrysum stimulate cell metabolism and regeneration, while protecting and nourishing new skin cells. Rosewood boosts skin elasticity. Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang encourage emotional ease, uplift, and aphrodisia, while revitalizing female energies, particularly during menopause.


This blend of Cedar, Sandalwood, Dark Patchouli, and Vanilla is purifying and grounding in its action. Shiva is a skin tonic with an earthy and sensual aroma that balances and calms the skin. Nurturing to divine masculine sensibilities, the Shiva blend offers both gentleness and strength in a natural Aloe Castile base.

Ylang Ylang flowers

Lavender Levity

A light, invigorating floral blend, Lavender Levity promotes mental clarity and urges us to relax and let go. Spike Lavender, Neroli Petitgrain, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang together dissolve stagnation and tension, enliven our higher selves, and make way for simple pleasures. Based in our soft High Olive Castile Gel, Lavender Levity is ideal for all skin types, and is a great body wash.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Spun from “the food of the gods”, Cacao and Peppermint essential oils in an Aloe Castile base combine in homage to a childhood favorite. Sensual, stimulating chocolate and cooling, invigorating peppermint leave your skin smelling delectable.

Orange Creamsicle

Mandarin and Vanilla essential oils mix to produce this sweet, citrusy, creamy soap for kids. Known to reduce stress and anxiety in children, Mandarin soothes the nerves and Vanilla prompts joyfulness. Based in High Olive Castile Gel, Orange Creamsicle is gentle on young skin, suitable even for babies.

As with all essential oils, these soaps should be tested for allergic reaction and sensitivity prior to use.

Happy hand-washing!