We've had may requests for new oils at Ananda, and we've discovered some wonderful, therapeutic grade oils that we think are worthy of being part of our collection. We've added:

Certified Organic Roman Chamomile from Hungary

Chamomile Roman Chamomile Flowers

To complement our organic but non-certified USA variety, we've added a WONDERFUL certified organic Roman Chamomile from Hungary. It has the most beautifully floral aroma of any Roman Chamomile we've tried, and if you're using this oil for it's aromatic purposes, this is certainly very highly recommended.


Davana essential oil was noted by one practitioner to be "one of the most important oils in aromatherapy" due to it's wide range of benefits...the herb and the oil have been part of the culture of India for ages, and the oil is considered to have exceptionally diverse therapeutic properties. First, as a simple ingredient to natural perfume blends, it had a brilliant fruity and herbaceous aroma that is like no other oil.

The oil is considered an anti-depressant (it's aroma is certainly uplifting :), to be relaxing, and to lower blood pressure when inhaled. It is also an antiseptic, antiviral, expectorant, and is a tonic for the skin, as well as a 'vulnerary', which heals wounds faster (and its these oils that we always recommend for anti-aging skin blends, as the rate of new skin formation is one of the hallmarks of skin aging. Build new cells faster, and you're skin will look more youthful!)

Certified Organic Spearmint from India

spearmint Spearmint Herb

Also to complement our USA variety, we've added a certified organic Spearmint from India. Lovely in its floral notes, we're sure you'll be impressed by it's sweet, potent and minty aroma.

Certified Organic Peppermint from France

Along with our organic Indian peppermint, this organic French peppermint essential oil is a softer, more floral variety -- also called "Mitcham" peppermint. It has a lower menthol content, so the rest of the notes of the herb shine through. If you love peppermint, this is certainly worth the experience.

Organic Yellow and Red Mandarin, and Green Mandarin, all from Italy

Madarin Ripe Red Mandarin

Italy has some of the finest growing conditions for citrus fruit on the planet, and very experienced distillers. We have now an entire gamut of Mandarin oils -- the essential oil called "the Children's Remedy" in France, as it works to both sooth the belly, and to calm children down in general. Red is the most fruity and sweet, followed closely by the yellow. Green (which is unsprayed, but not cert. org) is really wonderful, like green Mandarin candy. An aroma everyone is sure to appreciate!

Basil c.t. Methyl Chavicol, organic from Vietnam

We've been pleasantly surprised by many wonderful certified organic oils being distilled in Vietnam, and we've added this spicy Basil essential oil to complement our sweet basil linalool. The Methyl Chavicol chemotype is really "spicy basil", which you may appreciate if you're a basil lover!

Bergaptene Free Bergamot from Italy

One of the features of true Bergamot oil is that, like other cold-pressed citrus oils (other than Mandarin) is it's photosensitizing effect. Meaning that it makes your skin more susceptable to damage from UV light rays in sunlight for up to 72 hours after application. By removing the Bergaptene component, the oil can be used freely in blends that will be applied to the skin. The aroma is a little sweeter than our organic variety (with a nice 'sweet-tart' scent), though is still very lovely and perfect for skin care formulations.

Peru Balsam, Wildcrafted from the Resin - Distilled in France

Peru Balsam essential oil (also known as Balsam of Peru) has an incredible aroma due to the particular care taken in the distillation process to preserve the delicate notes in the aroma. Aside from its amazing scent, it is an excellent antiseptic and wound healer, skin care ingredient (especially for dry skin, as well as dry eczema) and useful for diffusing for bronchial support for colds and flu symptoms.