Our best selling essential oils are on sale. This includes our Sacred Frankincense, Frankincense Carteri and Seratta oils, our incredible Corsican and Balkan Peninsula Helichrysum Italicum oils, and all three 'true' Lavenders: French wildgrown, High-Elevation, and organic Bulgarian!

Our Frankincense Essential Oils

  • Frankincense Tears Frankincense Tears, the Dried Sap of Boswellia Trees, is Distilled into Frankincense Essential Oil.

    Boswellia Sacra, or 'Sacred' Frankincense, from Oman is a beautiful hydro-distilled essential oil. It is rich and sweet, and is the favorite of many of our customers for its beautiful aroma.

  • Boswellia Carteri, CO2 and steam-distilled, is the most 'common' Frankincense variety. Though 'common' means only that there is more of it available than any other species. It has a lovely combination of woody and citrus notes.
  • Boswellia Seratta, CO2 distilled, is favored by some customers for its deep, smokey aroma. Akin to the scent familiar to many in old Catholic churches, it may be the most 'masculine of the three. Very worthwhile experiencing!
  • ALL these Frankincense varieties share virtually the same overall therapeutic properties. They have all been show to eliminate cancer cells in laboratory research, and contain high amounts of the sesquiterpenes found particularly in Frankincense essential oils.
  • Not sure which one to choose? Include the 'Frankincense Sampler Pack' in any order over $79 by noting 'Frankincense Sampler' in the comments box during checkout. See our 'specials' page for details.

Our Helichrysum Essential Oils

Helichrysum Italicum in Bloom. Helichrysum Italicum in Bloom and Ready for Harvest and Distillation.
  • Both our Corsican and Balkan Helichrysum Italicum essential oils similarly share the important therapeutic properties of this oil. It is ONLY the 'Italicum' species of Helichrysum which contains a combination of anti-inflammatory curcuminoids, and regenerative di-ketones. We use more of this essential oil than any other in our lineup ourselves!
  • The Corsican is renown as the world's finest Helichrysum variety for its aroma. It is soft and lightly floral. As is the Balkan, it is from wildgrown and organic Helichrysum flowers.
  • The Balkan has a somewhat stronger aroma, being higher in alpha-pinene. Not having the 'Corsican' name, its demand is a little lower, but the topical therapeutic properties are the same...again, high in anti-inflammatory and regenerative constituents.

Our Lavender Essential Oils

  • Lavender essential oil Our Three Wonderful Lavender Essential Oils.

    Our high-elevation-grown 'Highland' Lavender is the most popular of our Lavendula angustifolia ('true' lavender) varieties. It has the softest, most complex, yet lightest of all the aromas.

  • The Wild Lavender (also grown and distilled at higher elevations in France, though not as high up as the 'Highland') is rich, potent and floral. It is the preferred oil of many customers for its strong lavender bouquet scent.
  • Our Bulgarian Lavender is less costly simply because it doesn't have the 'French' name attached to it, but it's no less lovely! Preferred by some because it is more pronounced in the middle notes than the higher floral tones of the French lavenders.
  • All our Lavender essential oils share the same therapeutic properties. It is simply a matter of aromatic preference as to which one you'll like best. Can't decide? You can receive a sampler pack of each of these oils with any order over $79 by noting 'Lavender Sampler Pack' in the comments box of the checkout page. See our 'specials' page for more information.

All these great essential oils will be on sale for the week beginning Monday, June 30th. We hope you enjoy them!