Helichrysum Flowers

They're all on sale! Now's the time to give a try (or stock up!) on two of the essential oils we use more of ourselves: Helichrysum Italicum and Boswellia Sacra a.k.a 'Sacred Frankincense' ...they're currently each 20% off), along with our best glass-reservoir, cold-air nebulizing diffusers (which also come free with our great smelling, super-effective Super Immune forumla).

What's so wonderful about these two essential oils? Well, some of us at Ananda actually bring Helichrysum with us to massage appointments to have our 'sore spots' worked on specifically with this oil. It's pain-relieving, inflammation-reducing, and tissue-regenerative properties are unmatched. it has SO many uses for healing the body...check out our Helichrysum italicum page for the complete lowdown.


Frankincense Tree

Our Sacred Frankincense essential oil was first acquired direct from the distiller in Oman last year, and immediately became our favorite of the several Frankincense varieties we carry. Its careful, lower-temperature hydro-distillation gives the oil a rich, aromatic complexity unique to this particular variety.

And it has been this particular essential oil used in recent research, showing Frankincense oils to be effective in destroying breast cancer cell lines, while leaving healthy cells unaffected at the same concentration (see an update on all the anti-cancer Frankincense essential oils here).

Our very best nebulizing diffuser, producing a pure, cold-air mist of your essential oils.

And while we probably douse ourselves with more Helichrysum than any other oil, we diffuse more of the Boswellia Sacra than any other oil. All by itself, it's an amazing aromatic, with a complex of sweet floral, citrusy and woody notes. Pretty much EVERYone that walks into a space where this is being diffused says "Wow, it smells great in here!"...

And, we're fully-stocked on ALL our best glass-reservoir, wood-based, cold-air, 'silent', professional nebulizing diffusers (we've been selling through our Synergy Essentials® diffusers while they've been on sale very fast, so we've made sure to stock up on all styles for you!)

No 'promo code' is required to receive these discounts - the sale prices are already shown on each product's webpage.


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