Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils - New by Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D.

We've really enjoy Salvatore Battaglia's "Complete Guide to Aromatherapy", and still HIGHLY recommend it for it's incredible comprehensiveness. And now, we're adding Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt's "The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils - The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy".

An approach that began with Dr. Schnaubelt's "Advanced Aromatherapy", looking at the complex how the complex chemistry of essential oils synergize to offer an incredible range of healing possibilities. Now, in "The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils", Dr. Schnaubelt expands extensively on the great and varied range of healing possibilities authentic essential oils provide.

Whereas the first book spent most of it's wonderful elucidation of the efficacy of essential oils by explaining this chemistry, this new book goes much, much further into application of this chemical science. This includes use of essential oils from the perspectives of other medicine traditions as well (such as TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Dr. Schnaubelt also reviews many studies on essential oils, and the emerging 'proof' that they are effective from a Western medical perspective - yet explains at the same time that Western-style reductionist science will have a challenging time wholly accepting the complete healing picture essential oils truly offer.

We highly recommend this book for both the beginning and advanced users...and if you spend over $100, remember to use our 'free-shipping-and-samples' coupon code for five free samples AND free shipping :)