Corsican Helichrysum has a reputation for the finest variety of this essential oil available. We've partnered with a distiller on the island of Corsica to bring you this wonderful oil straight from the source. See all available sizes and prices here.

Helichrysum Flowers

This is the variety of Helichrysum we use most. It's aroma and therapeutic properties are heralded the world over. And while our Balkan Peninsula variety has also been tested for high levels of curcuminoids and italidiones, we know many of our customers really like the essential oil from Corsica in particular.

helichrysum essential oil

We use this essential oil ourselves more than any other! Here in Boulder, many of us are 'sports fanatics', and employ this oil for its reputed pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties on all those little aches and pains we get during our training.

Kurt Schnaubelt, one of America's leading aromatherapists, has this to say about Helichrysum: "Its effects are so convincing that it has never met with any kind of criticism despite the absence of data on its effectiveness. Helichrysum oil demonstrates that anecdotal evidence can create a reality without the help of industrially sponsored science. Helichrysum is more predictable in its action than almost any other oil and is produced and sold by small enterprises that understand the needs of the aromatherapy market."

Plus, it's a great addition to any skin care formula, particularly with our current Summer Skin Care kit special. To add 1% Helichrysum to the blend, simply include 10 drops of the essential oil to the ounce of Super Skin Care base, along with all the other oils included in the 'sampler kit' (See the sampler kit, plus the blend recipe, you'll receive by entering 'Skin Care Kit' in the comments box with every order over $79 here). If no other steam distilled essential oils are used, up to 3% Helichrysum may be added.

Our owner says he douses his body in more of this essential oil than any other, and with very good reason. Helichrysum is one of the most diversely-therapeutic essential oils known...similar to Lavender in it's multitude of applications.

Helichrysum essential oil may be employed in a wide variety of healing formulas.

  • First aid remedy for injuries, strains, sprains, tissue trauma, bruises and swellings. May be applied undiluted. Applied immediately undiluted after an injury, it may prevent swelling and bruising.
  • General wound healing and scar reduction. Apply undiluted, or in a 10% formula with Tamanu oil, which has scientific evidence backing its scar-reducing properties.
  • Joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis (Schnaubelt, 1995). (Apply undiluted, or in combination with Birch or Wintergreen oil, Turmeric, and/or German Chamomile - Ginger CO2 is excellent as well, though should be used in small dilutions due to its warming properties). For this we also recommend our Athlete Magic blend.
  • Old or new scars resulting from surgery or injury, inflamed tissues, Hematoma, Allergic skin reactions, Hemorrhoids, Keloid scar tissue (to prevent or improve appearance), Stretch marks, Tendinitis, Wounds and Cuts.  (Schnaubelt, 1999) Here, we also recommend blending with either our Super Skin Care base, Tamanu, or Pomegranate Seed carrier oils.
  • Mental/Spiritual/Emotional trauma. The oil is often applied over the heart chakra for this purpose.
  • Acne, chronic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, scar tissue, burns, dermal inflammation, cuts and wounds, bruises, radiation burns.
  • Childhood dermatitis (Buck,P., 2005)
  • H. italicum has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antiallergic activity and has been used to treat chronic chest ailments. (van Wyk and Wink, 2004)
  • Dry, itchy skin with existing scratches and dermal irritation (Horrigan, 2004)
  • Nurturing, calming, harmonizing and grounding, Helichchrysum will reduce apprehension, irritability and mental unrest. Helps untangle emotional knots and resolve past emotional trauma. (Holmes, n/d)

We hope you enjoy this wonderful essential oil as much as we do. And, as always, check our Specials page for current specials and how you can receive free shipping with your order.