This is an update on the creation and usage of personal accounts at The Ananda Apothecary. For over 7 years, we've been hosted by Yahoo! Stores. In many respects, it's an absolutely wonderful service. We've been able to build our store, delivering

They have great customer care, and a relatively simple means of creating a website from the get go. Yet when that site gets large, and so does the customer base, there are a few things where a trade-off is required. Yahoo's first priority is security. They'll always choose to limit the potential risks of a feature that may be required, or requested by their customers.

Customer account registration was one of those features who's optimal implementation for YOU, the end-user, battled with other needs of the company, and the implementation was just too complex to be useful enough to a wide enough group of the population.

We had complaints about having to create accounts with Google, Yahoo or AOL to log into Ananda --and while that's the only way given to us to do it, we also understand people's apprehension to it.

SO! We promise to have this up and running for you as soon as we're on our new platform!