Essential Oil Diffusers

Our pocket diffusers are popular, as they're a simple solution to carrying your favorite calming/uplifting/ energizing aroma with you, without worrying about spilling the oil, and enjoying its aroma at any time. This week, we're offering these already filled with one of several great essential oils...

What do you want to smell today? When you order a Pocket Diffuser, we'll fill it with one of the following essential oils for you - an aroma that can last for months (the maker of the diffuser says up to a year). Simply make a note in the 'comment' box of the checkout page as to which oil you'd like in your diffuser, or if you'd simply like to fill it yourself with your own scents!

  1. Amber Essential Oils Aromatic light and dark amber resins, from which the oil is made.

    Amber - A deep, rich, earthy and complex aroma. Uplifting and grounding at the same time.

  2. Bergamot - The most widely-researched anti-depressant essential oil. The sweet-tart aroma is a sure-fire 'pick me up' any time of day.
  3. 'Sacred' Frankincense - Our Boswellia Sacra has become many folks' favorite of our Frankincense varieties, with wonderful, uplifting higher notes.
  4. Jasmine Sambac - Feel like something sweet and floral, yet a little intriguing? This is the one.
  5. Lavender flowers - source of this wonderfully-calming essential oil. Lavender flowers - source of the wonderfully-calming essential oil.

    Wild Lavender - Perhaps the richest of the lavender varieties we've got, sure to bring  you back to earth when the going gets going :)

  6. Neroli - Sweet, soft and floral. A gentle, yet potently-active aroma.
  7. Peppermint - When you would like your head cleared, this is really the way to go. We notice a great 'clearing' action of the mind right away.
  8. Rose The Damask Rose, the source of the amazing Rose Otto essential oil.

    Rose Absolute OR Rose Otto - These are the aromas to open the heart. Want to open up a bit? Give one of the Roses a try.

We hope you enjoy this great way to include the aromatherapy lifestyle in your daily routines!