Helichrysum italicum, source of the essential oil. Helichrysum italicum flowers, source of the essential oil.

At The Ananda Apothecary, Helichrysum essential oil is our 2nd best selling oil after Lavender. We use more of it ourselves than any other oil. And for good reason - it has a variety of benefits, unlike no other essential oil.

Helichrysum italicum essential oil is distilled from tiny yellow flowers of plants growing around the Mediterranean. Unique to this essential oil are the regenerative di-ketones it contains. Often, ketones are unsafe, but these are completely safe, and stimulate cellular regeneration. This is why it is an excellent choice for skin care, hair care, scar reduction, and wound-healing formulas.

Helichrysum is also strongly anti-inflammatory as well. This is likely due to the curcuminoids in the oil, related to curcumin, a popular inflammation-reducing supplement extracted from turmeric. (Helichrysum italicum is also known as 'the curry plant'). Users find the oil reduces pain fairly quickly upon application (it can be used neat if you like), and can prevent bruising and swelling of any impact injury if applied soon enough.

Similarly, it will ease the pain of small burns quickly as well. It's useful to have handy for small kitchen burns and the like.

To the massage therapists it has been introduced to, they find it extremely useful in their work. They'll place a few drops on a client's most painful spots, and come back to those spots after the Helichrysum has been absorbed - and these spots will be much less painful for the client to have worked on.

We use it for injuries of all kinds, and find it very useful for sports injuries. Anywhere that hurts, it can be applied at a 20-100% strength, 3 times per day, until the injury is healed. Our experience is that these injuries heal much faster with the application of Helichrysum.

Here's a great anti-inflammatory/sports injury recipe. For each one ounce, based in the carrier oil of your choice (you can use our unscented cream base if you like as well).

3 to 6ml Helichrysum
1ml German Chamomile
1ml Frankincense CO2
1ml Ginger CO2