damask rose The Damask Rose, from which the beautiful Rose Otto is distilled.

This incredibly beautiful combination of aromas has a very long history, known as Rose Attar. We'll include 4ml's of 10% Rose Otto Attar (based in MCT coconut oil - the best carrier oil for natural perfume use) with any order over $79. We have only a limited supply of approximately 50 vials!

To receive your vial, if your order has an over $79 subtotal, enter 'Rose Attar' in the comments box of the checkout page.

'Attar' is the name of perfumes of India in which one or more aromas has been blended with Sandalwood essential oil. Both the Bulgarian Rose Otto and the Sandalwood essential oils are organic.

Sandalwood Sandalwood - producing Sandalwood essential oil, the base of all 'attars'.

The two oils are based in Fractionated Coconut oil, which is simply organic Coconut oil with the heavier-weight fatty acids removed, so that it remains liquid at low temperatures. Fractionated coconut oil is ideal as a natural perfume base, as it has no aroma of it's own, and a naturally-long 'shelf-life.'

This natural perfume combines two of our very finest oils. Our certified organic Bulgarian Rose Otto, and our wildcrafted Indian Sandalwood. Both of these oils are brilliant on their own, and they combine so well because their high and low notes blends perfectly.

Sandalwood offers mid and base notes, where Rose Otto has mid-to-high notes. They blend wonderfully in harmony. So, give a little dab of this blend to your neck and wrists, and enjoy it's slow-releasing exquisite scent!