Rosemary essential oil CO2-distilled Rosemary oil has little aroma, but amazing antioxidant properties!

We are often asked "what's the best way to preserve my blends?", "how long will my blends last?" and "should I keep some of my carrier oils in the refrigerator until they're used?"

BY FAR the best way to NATURALLY preserve ANY essential oil/carrier oil blend is to use our Organic Rosemary CO2 in your formula. It will preserve all your blends easily, naturally - and with no additional aroma.

Rosemary CO2 is distilled specifically for its antioxidant properties. It is SO much more effective than Vitamin E...Here's the technical details as to why Rosemary works so well, and how you can easily gain its benefits:

  • There are 7 'classes' of molecular forms of oxidative radicals.
  • Mixed Tocopherols, ie, Vitamin E, captures simply a few of these.
  • Rosemary Antioxidant (CO2) 'cascades', and becomes a new class of antioxidant every time it absorbs a free-radical. So, in essence, it absorbs a free-radical of one class, then becomes an antioxidant to absorb a free radical of another class, then again and again...
  • Vitamin E and mixed tocopherols have a limited ability to do this, and do not have the same absorbance capacity.

To use Rosemary CO2 in your blends - which will not add any noticeable aroma! - use only .2% concentration!

The best approximate way to determine this is to assume there are 25 drops of Rosemary CO2 per milliliter. There are 30 milliliters in each ounce - for example, of your blends (and even just plain essential oils, should you feel the need to preserve these as well, though this really isn't necessary...they have their own antioxidant properties!)

The recommended amount of Organic Rosemary CO2 antioxidant is between .o5% and .5% concentration in your oils (again, its best function is to preserve ANY blend with a carrier oil in it!) ...SO, this means use between 4 drops and 15 drops of Rosemary CO2 in your formula.

Truly, the amount you use is up to your own judgement...a smaller amount can be used in oils that are less susceptible to aging...Coconut or Grapeseed, for example - while more can be used in oils with high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids like Hemp and Borage Seed oils.

Really, the more the merrier - if you find the scent of high concentrations of the oil to be acceptable in your blends, go for it!!!