We've got a little something for everyone at the moment going on at The Ananda Apothecary...here's the lowdown on all our current sales and specials! Read up on how receive free oils, free shipping, and deep 'limited time' discounts on some of our most popular products.

    1. Free shipping!Free shipping for ALL first time customers. Receive free shipping on any size order, from $5 to $5000. Just enter the coupon code 'first-order' at checkout.
    2. Free shipping on ALL orders over $99! Enter 'free-ship' at checkout.All orders are shipped fast, and most via USPS Priority mail. You'll see in many of our reviews that customers are always thrilled with how fast they've received their oils.
    3. damask rose The Damask Rose, from which the beautiful Rose Otto is distilled.

      Receive a free 4ml of Rose Otto Attar natural perfume with any order over $79. This is a very classic, amazing-smelling natural perfume, with organic Rose Otto and wildcrafted Indian Sandalwood, based in MCT coconut oil (the best carrier for natural perfumes).Dab a little on your neck or wrists, and enjoy the slow-releasing aroma for hours. Only 50 bottles are available!

      PLEASE make a note in the comment's box of the checkout page: "Please Include Rose Attar" and we'll be sure it makes it in your order!

      High-End Nebulizing Diffusers are All On Sale

    4. One of three styles of our Synergy Essentials® nebulizing diffusers.ALL our Professional wood-base nebulizing diffusers are on sale. Usually $84.50 to $87.50, now $65 to $67.50. EVERYone raves about these diffusers. The work wonderfully, can be adjusted for any room or application, are silent, and look sharp. 3 styles to choose from.
Super Immune essential oil blend. Super Immune™, free with every nebulizing diffuser.
  1. Receive a 5ml bottle of our Super Immune blend with every diffuser ordered. This was formulated after extensive research into the antiviral activity of essential oils, to have as broad-base, potent efficacy as possible - and it's still perfectly safe to apply 'neat' to the skin. Plus it smells like heaven!
  2. Our incredible organic Italian Bergamot Bergamot Essential Oil

    Give us a vote on Google +1, or 'like' us on Facebook and receive 5mls of our favorite organic Italian Bergamot. Bergamot is the #1 researched 'anti-depressant' essential oil, shown to have mood-lifting effects in placebo-controlled research. And this Bergamot is really, really wonderful. Very fresh, and perfectly balanced between sweet and tart. Excellent for diffuser use, not to be applied to the skin where it will be exposed for any significant time to sunlight - though we find it doesn't stain, and will just douse our clothes, or even our carpets with it!