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Also see our Sandalwood, Rose & Jasmine Extra 'Attar' kit, FREE with orders over $79, and note that all first time orders and any order over $99 receives free shipping. Check out our Specials page for all the details.


Please 'Share' using one of the buttons as seen on the box to the right, found on many pages of our website, such as the homepageThen, simply note in the 'comment' box of the checkout page that you've shared us on Facebook, and note 'Super Immune and Purify', and we'll include these with your order.


We're allowing anyone who's taken part in this before to do so again! So if you've 'shared' us on Facebook, please feel free to do so again to add these blends to your next order. If you don't have a Facebook account, you may receive these with any order over $79 too.

A little about these blends: Super ImmuneTM was formulated using essential oil research and their anti-viral properties. We use this in our diffusers whenever anyone in our house appears to be catching a cold, and we find that no one else gets it.

PuriFyTM was formulated with the essential oils found in a very popular anti-microbial blend used around the world. We love the aroma of this as well, and will also diffuse it for immune system support. It's really yummy!



















1) GO to the Ananda Home Page, OR back to the page from which you came (only if you were already on the Ananda website!) and THEN click on the Facebook  Share button.

2) Complete the login and sharing process. You must have an account, or set one up, with whichever service you use. Really, this only takes a few moments! As above, you can also request these blends with ANY order over $79.

Again, you may do this from ANY page where the Share button appears on our website. You can choose the Ananda Home Page, our complete List of Essential Oils, or, if you were already on our site, follow this link to return to the page you were just on.


IMPORTANT - To receive your oil! Once you've shared Ananda on Facebook :

IN THE COMMENTS BOX OF THE CHECKOUT PAGE: Please request your Super Immune and Purify.


Thank you for taking part!

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The Ananda Apothecary Staff