Super Immune Blend of Essential Oils Super Immune: One of our favorite blends of all-time.

Share the wonderful, therapeutic essential oils of The Ananda Apothecary with your friends and receive a bottle of one of our all-time favorite blends: Super Immune. If you have taken part before, share us with a different group if you can ~ and if you haven't, we do hope you enjoy your gift! Thanks for taking part!


Click to visit our homepage, and share Ananda!Receive a bottle of our much-heralded 'Super Immune'  blend for sharing the Ananda Apothecary either on Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn. (click here to visit our homepage, and follow the 'sharing' buttons from there!).

Super Immune is a proprietary formula developed by the owners of The Ananda Apothecary using published, peer-reviewed scientific research as their guidelines. The idea was to put the most thoroughly-researched and highly-active anti-viral essential oils in one blend, at the perfect ratios for the greatest efficacy.*Share Ananda and receive a 5ml bottle of Super Immune!

This is an excellent choice for diffuser use, and we use it whenever we're travelling, or our immune systems may not be feeling at their peak. AND, everyone really enjoys the aroma as well!









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IMPORTANT - To receive your oil! Once you've shared Ananda on Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn, during checkout:

IN THE COMMENTS BOX OF THE CHECKOUT PAGE: Please request your bottle of Super Immune, and tell us where you shared the Ananda Apothecary: On Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 or LinkedIn!

Again, this need ONLY be done in the 'comments' box of the checkout page when you place your order.


Thank you for taking part!

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The Ananda Apothecary Staff


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