Bottles for Essential Oil Storage


New at the Ananda Apothecary

We've gone "high tech", and added the latest in storage technology of essential oil bottles.

One of the ways essential oils loose potency over time is from exposure to certain frequencies of light. While very specific "violet" frequencies, according to the scientists who developed these bottles, may actually enhance the therapeutic potency of the oils.

The bottles are available in several sizes, with a variety of caps and dropper tops for you to choose from:

Droppers for Violet Glass Bottles


Through extensive research, the company had developed these bottles with the following features:

The "Violet glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet part. At the same time it allows a certain part to be permeable for radiation in the spectral range of UV-A, and infra red light. This unique combination offers optimal protection against the ageing processes that are released by visible light, thus lengthening durability and potency of products."

We've made these available at The Ananda Apothecary on our "bottles" page, for you to store your most precious oils and blends. While it does take some time for oils to be altered significantly by heat, light and oxygen, you may sometimes want to store your oils and blends for longer periods of time, and this is where these specially-designed bottles come in.

They Not Only Prevent Aging, But May Enhance Therapeutic Activity

The development of these bottles has an even more esoteric basis. The researchers believe that the "life force" of the oils can be degraded by exposure to certain frequencies of UV light rays. Further, that there is really a "spiritual energy" within organic matter (such as essential oils) that the limited violet light that the bottle glass does transmit actually can enhance the therapeutic activity of the oils within.

Mini Pipette for Small Amounts of Essential Oils


We are evaluating the possibility of offering all our oils in these bottles, though because of their relatively high cost, for now, we are offering them to you to use where you feel they may have the best effect for your aroma-medicine applications.

Mini-Pipettes Also Now Available

While not nearly as exciting, we have had requests for the addition of "mini-pipettes" to our line of accessories.  The pipettes have a very fine tip, and can be used to measure and dispense oils from the smallest bottles (1.75ml) and even sample vials.

The pipettes can also be found on our "bottles" page, along with all the Violet glass bottles, their caps, and dispensing droppers.

We hope the availability of these products even further enhances your therapeutic essential oil uses!