Super Immune™ essential oil blend.

Essential Oil Diffuser One of three styles of our Synergy Essentials® nebulizing diffusers.

Now, receive a free bottle of Super Immune™ with the purchase of a nebulizing diffuser. Super Immune was formulated after extensive review of the antiviral research on essential oils.

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A cold-air nebulizing diffuser uses only air to make a mist of pure essential oils from its glass reservoir. This is the most therapeutic means of diffusing essential oils, as they are neither diluted nor heated in the diffusion process.

bay laurel essential oil Bay Laurel essential oil is known for its exceptionally-complex chemistry and diverse antimicrobial activity. It's one of 8 immune-supporting essential oils in the blend.

We've found we can go years without catching what's "going around" when we're using Super Immune™ in our diffusers. When we feel we may have been "exposed" to a contagion, we'll even inhale the mist-stream for a few deep breaths directly from the diffuser a few times a day.

We'll liberally apply the blend topically as well. Straight from the bottle, you can apply 5-10 drops on each wrist (doing our best to get it in our bloodstream!). Then rub your wrists together, and finally rub your wrists on our throat, under the chin, on the lymph node-area.

We find we get complements throughout the day on how good we smell, while we're supporting our immune systems!