We've received many excellent requests for what our customers would like to see on The Ananda Apothecary, The Ananda Apothecary Forumsand something that was mentioned several times was the creation of a forum, where everyone could share their questions, experiences, ideas about using essential oils. There is so much to be learned, and a forum is an excellent means of letting users share their experience so many more can benefit from the therapeutic potential the oils have to offer.

So we invite you to visit the forum, become a registered user, and take part in the discussions on the boards. Please help us get the forum going by getting in there an asking some questions and maybe answering some too. If you're interested in becoming a moderator, send us an email with your request. Also, feel free to start new topics you're interested in -- we've just created a "starter set" for the launch! (And just in case you'd like to know how to get there in the future, see www.anandaapothecary.com/forums )

We're also beginning planning on many new projects suggested by our blog readers. These include ~ to mention just a few:

  • A greater collection of recipes
  • More skin care blends and other skin care products
  • Natural soaps and shampoos including essential oils
  • An inclusion of more essential oils, blends and recipes used natural perfumery
  • Essential oil kits for beginners through advanced users
  • Downloadable documentation on each oil, including their properties and certifications
  • MUCH more information, and well indexed and organized, on the use of oils for all sorts of conditions, for all levels of aromatherapy practitioners
  • Broadening our collection of products to include many more items surrounding natural health, including nutritional items, superfoods, & herbs
  • Including more tools, bottles, pipettes and such for "advanced" blending at home

While that's a good summary of the requests, there are more -- and more details for sure.  We'll be putting together a project list and getting on this list right away -- it's really exciting for us to be able to further serve our customer's needs in terms of their health, and happiness really...so we'll keep you informed via our blog and newsletter as these items become available. Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope you enjoy the Sandalwood :)