It's been a long time coming -- our "old" space served us well, but we just outgrew it. We have so many projects in the works to serve you better; new products, more information on the use of essential oils, downloadable catalogs and product information...ALL the things that our customers had requested just a while back.

Our Store New Location

We are now really only a few miles away from our previous location, but with much more room, and a workflow that will make all the difference to you and us! The new address is 330 43rd Street, Boulder, Colorado 80305. Our phone numbers have stayed the same: 303-494-5561, and 888-359-1389. And of course, you can still always email us at

What Does The Move Mean To Our Customers?

We deeply apologize if you had called or emailed during our transition, and we had been unable to reply in a timely manner (many folks told us "Mercury just emerged from retrograde" -- whether this had any affect, we can't really say :) We do realize now there's more to moving a thriving essential oil company than just carefully moving oils from one location to another!

New Product Development Finally Becomes a Reality!

We now have all the space we need to really offer what the Ananda Apothecary has in its potential to support your health, with both essential oils, aroma-medicine, and soon herbs and other accompanying products that meet our exceptionally high standards.

You'll soon see the new skin care products we promised, more aromatherapy soaps, more accessories, and even better customer service. We will now also allow in-store pickup of orders for folks in the area. The orders do need to be placed first, but can be picked up at our new location.

So How About A Little Promotion for a Celebration?

Tamanu NutWe've discovered a lot of research on the incredible therapeutic properties of Tamanu oil (as an anti-cancer, antibacterial, anti-viral, and skin-regenerating carrier oil) that we'd like to enable more of our customers to give it a try. It can be used blended with other carrier oils, or all by itself.

We've found so much incredible positive therapeutic properties with scientific backing lately on this oil that we'd like to "celebrate" it for its contribution to aroma-medicine!

The research is really profound, in that it shows Tamanu can be helpful in nearly every skin care condition imaginable, including simple daily skin health and natural beauty care, acne, psoriasis, all types of dermatitis, wound healing, reduction of wrinkle appearance, anti-oxidant and UV ray blocking effects, reduction of skin tumor incidence -- it really has SO much going for it, that we've started using in most every skin care blend made personally for the staff at the store.

Receive a Free One Ounce Bottle of Tamanu Oil with any order over $49!

SO! We're offering a free 1 once bottle to every order with a subtotal over $49 placed over the next week (until the end of Sunday the 18th). Simply add the 1 ounce bottle of Tamanu to your cart (located here on the carrier oils page), then apply the coupon: "tamanu". If you need to add it to the comments section instead, please do so, and we'll take care of it!

We hope you enjoy the properties of this oil, and you can certainly add any essential oil to it you like. Our favorites are Helichrysum, Rosemary Verbenone, Rosehip Total, Sea Buckthorn, Carrot Root, German Chamomile, Frankincense and Calendula. We also often mix the Tamanu with other base oils of similar character, like Virgin Coconut, Borage Seed and Hemp Oils.