We've got a lovely new Indian sandalwood in stock, that we'd love our customers to experience. It has more floral notes than is often found, indicating it is a relatively fresh distillation. Sandalwood does in fact get bet better with age (some have been reported as old as 20 years!) -- with smooth, woody aromas. We do however, really like this oil.  We're offering your choice of Sandalwood, Rose Absolute, or Jasmine Sambac absolute.

Rose, Sandalwood, and Jamsmine Oils Rose, Sandalwood, and Jasmine Oils for your sampling!

To try any of these three oils, simply add a note in your 'comments' section of the checkout page as to which oil you would prefer. You will receive a 1.75ml bottle of the oil, (retail prices are between $10 and $15 for this size and quality of oil).

Please note: this offer is limited to the first 100 request of these oils, due to the limited nature of these wonderful, precious aromatics.

The note can read: "Please include 1 1.75 ml bottle of Rose Absolute as per your blog post offer". Only one oil is available per customer, and the promotion ends May 22nd - no exceptions! Orders entered after that date without this request cannot have a sample added to the order, due to the expected very high demand. We cannot offer requests for samples after this date, or once our 100 request limit has been reached. Believe us, we'd like to offer more! But such is the situation with such precious oils.

PLEASE be clear as what you'd like, as we process somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 orders per day!!!. The oils must be included with another order, with a minimum purchase of $10 or more.

These are really among our favorite oils at the Ananda Apothecary. Useful for so many purposes -- as natural perfumes, and therapeutic agents. Sandalwood has recently been examined to prevent skin cancers when applied before fun exposure. And it smells absolutely divine!

Just a few notes on the oils themselves: Rose is the premier "Heart Opening Oil" in aromatherapy, and one drop can be worn undiluted to give the scent of rose all day long.

Sandalwood is an in credibly "grounding" oil, meaning is is both uplifting and relaxing at the same time. It can help deep sleep, meditation, general calming of the mind, and also be worn undiluted as a men's fragrance for a lovely, masculine aroma all day long.

Jasmine is thought to be the oil that brings out the suppressed feminine qualities that so many women experience. It can be used in in any way the other oils are, but lesser quantities are suggested, as it's aroma is very potent. Excellent to mix in small amounts with an unscented cream base, or simple carrier oil, and used as a body lotion. Be sure to start with lower amounts (literally one drop per fluid ounce of "carrier") and work up from there if you feel as though you need more.

We hope you enjoy the oils as much as we do! To you health...The Ananda Apothecary Staff.