Turmeric - Curcuma Longa - Essential Oil

We'd just added turmeric a could months ago, and didn't realize how popular it would be. It really smells great -- just like the fresh root, and very potent. So we've got it back in stock for you, and here's a few notes on the oil...(see Turmeric Essential Oil's page here).

A search of PubMed.Gov of "turmeric inflammation" yields a surprising 160 results. A publication in the journal of La Clinica Terapeutica (from Malaysia) titled "Anti-Inflammatory effect of Curcuma longa (turmeric) on collagen-induced arthritis" noted: "Conclusion. The administration of CL (turmeric) extract arrested the degenerative changes in the bone and joints".

The oil also is reported to have anti-coagulant action, to prevent forming of blood clots, and to have anti-cancer activity (reported in BMC Reports, "Activation of apoptotic protein in U937 cells by a component of turmeric oil" (2009 Feb 28;42(2):96-100.)

Turmeric root, from which the oil is extracted,

In general, the oil is considered to be helpful for inflammatory conditions, as an antioxidant, and as a gentle liver cleanser. You could add it to your culinary creations in small amounts (it IS potent) for a little Eastern flavor.

As an aromatic, it is considered relaxing, balancing, and stimulating. All at the same time? We suppose you'll have to try. It is reported to be a stress reducer. We do know that the aroma IS enticing, and we plan on adding the oil to anti-inflammatory blends. Watch for it soon!