What is Your Dosh!? Ananda Quiz

What you need: A pen and paper, as well as yourself!

How the Quiz Works: Write down or just simply recall which of the three doshas you choose for each answer. Keep a running tally as to which dosha you have most frequently answered.

Example Quiz Score :

Vata: _10_   Pitta: _5_  Kapha: _5_ (Vatta dosha with a mixture of Pitta and Kapha so I should try the Vata blend to balance my dosha.)


1.) What is Your Body Structure?

__ Vata - Taller or shorter than average, thin or lanky build.
__ Pitta - Medium height, moderately developed physique.
__ Kapha - Stout heavy set, well-developed physique solidly built.

2.) What is your weight?

__ Vata - Lightweight or variable, weight gain or loss fluid.
__ Pitta - Moderate weight good muscle tone.
__ Kapha - Heavy, firm, possibly overweight.

3.) Skin Complexion type.

__ Vata - Dull, brown, greyish hue, darker overall
__ Pitta - Moderate, red or flushed, glowing.
__  Kapha - White, firm, not red often.

4.) Skin texture and temperature

__ Vata - Dry, coarse, rough, thin.
__ Pitta- Warm, moist, clammy, freckles, acne.
__ Kapha - Pale, thick-skinned, soggy, soft, smooth.

5.) Hair Type

__ Vata - Dry, Coarse, Stiff, Messy
__ Pitta - Fine, Soft, More tendency to bald or grey.
__ Kapha - Oily, thick, wavy, in abundance.

6.) Face Type

__ Vata - Small, prone to wrinkles, thin.
__ Pitta - Sharp distinct features, medium size.
__ Kapha - Round, soft, large.

7.) Eye Shape and Type

__ Vata - Small, dry, may be prone to blinking, moves erratically or twitches
__ Pitta -  Medium, inflamed, piercing, sensitive to light.
__ Kapha -  Wide, prominent, deep.

8.) Joints 

__ Vata - Dry, popping or cracking often.
__ Pitta - Soft, loose, may become inflamed.
__ Kapha -  Thick sturdy joints.

9.) Leg structure

__ Vata - Thin, long or short (either extreme) bony.
__ Pitta - Medium sized, average muscle tone and or strength.
__ Kapha -  Large, stocky, sturdy.

10.) Nail Type

__ Vata - Thin, brittle, easily cracked, bitten.
__ Pitta - Soft, pink, well developed and defined.
__ Kapha -  Smooth, thick, large, white.

11.) Appetite description

__ Vata - Erratic, irregular bowels and digestion, varied hunger.
__ Pitta - Strong appetite, irritated if not on a schedule.
__ Kapha -  Consistent appetite, slow metabolism, stress eater.

12.) Circulation and blood flow

__ Vata - Poor circulation, varied, cold hands and feet, cold overall
__ Pitta - Great circulation, constantly warm.
__ Kapha - Slow circulation, cool to medium hands and feet, warm body overall.

13.) Activity/Disposition

__ Vata - Fast, easily accepting of change in routine, erratic, hyper.
__ Pitta - Motivated, goal driven, competitive, aggressive.
__ Kapha - Slow, deliberate, calm, steady.

14.) Disease tendency

__ Vata - Prone to the nervous system, exhaustion, arthritis, aches, and pains, intestinal disorders, emotional disorder.
__ Pitta - Prone to fevers, infections
__ Kapha - Susceptible to mucus related diseases, respiratory problems, depression.

15.) Resistance and immune system

__ Vata - Variable, weaker immune system, sporadically sick.
__ Pitta - Medium resistance, prone to infection and inflammation conditions.
__ Kapha - High resistance, generally strong immune system.

16.)  Medication interactions

__ Vata - Rapid and varied interactions to medications, low doses needed.
__ Pitta - Medium dose amount, and average interactions with medication.
__ Kapha - High dosage needed, slow reaction to drugs.

17.)  Voice and tone

__ Vata - Deeper voice, weak, grating, dry mouth.
__ Pitta -  Sharp, penetrating, possibly high pitched.
__ Kapha - Soothing, deep, good tone.

18.) Speech and diction

__ Vata - Quick sporadic, talkative.
__ Pitta - Convincing, intense, argumentative, forceful.
__ Kapha - Quiet, direct, slow.

19.) Sleep 

__ Vata - Light sleeper, may struggle with sleep, worried.
__ Pitta -  Medium sleeper, can easily return to sleep when woken.
__ Kapha - Heavy sleeper, deep sleeper, sleep not restful.

20.) Sensitivity and your surroundings 

__ Vata - Sensitive to the wind, cold, and dry air.
__ Pitta -  Sensitive to heat, fire, can be frustrated with too much sun.
__ Kapha - Sensitive to cold, damp, foggy area, enjoys the sun.

What is your score? How many of each dosha represents you?

Example Quiz Score :

Vata: _10_   Pitta: _5_  Kapha: _5_ (Vatta dosha with a mixture of Pitta and Kapha so I should try the Vata blend to balance my dosha.)

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Elements: Air and Space (the only element that “moves”)
Balancing Nature of the Oil: Calming and Grounding
Season: Fall/Early Winter
Characteristics of a Vata: Thin and slender body type, often feels “cold”, cold hands and feet, dry skin and fine hair.  Vata's become exhausted from their own overactivity and can be somewhat “unfocused” and anxious at times.







Elements: Fire and Water
Balancing Nature of the Oil: Cooling and Soothing
Season: Summer
Characteristics of a Pitta: Medium build as well as height. They are prone to acne and moles; Pittas a fiery, passionate, intense competitive personality.  Tend to be intolerant of the heat.





Elements: Earth and Water
Balancing Nature of the Oil: Stimulating and Hydrating
Season: Late Winter/Early Spring
Characteristics of a Kapha: Solid, stable, dense, and grounded describe a Kapha.They are honorable, loving, loyal and dependable. Kaphas can be lethargic and slow and be vulnerable to laziness. Kapha manifests in our bodies as heavy, liquidy substances such as mucus.





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