Ananda's Weekly Favorite Essential Oil: Eucalyptus


Did you know that here at Ananda Apothecary we carry 5 varieties of Eucalyptus? The Blue Gum Eucalyptus is sharp and refreshing with a hint of green, The Narrow Leaf Eucalyptus is fresh and sweet, The Eucalyptus Dives is soft and woody for those that don't like the characteristic sharpness in most varieties, The Eucalyptus Smithii is excellent for topical use, and The Eucalyptus Citriodora that is sweet, lemony, and excellent to use with children.








Although Eucalyptus varies from species to species, all varieties have the same general properties, and is an excellent set of oils to use for colds and viruses, which is why we chose the set of Eucalyptus oils as our Ananda Oil of the week. Traditionally, Eucalyptus has been used for flus, sinus infections, and respiratory infections. But Eucalyptus has been used throughout history for a variety of if ailments that you can read about here.

Eucalyptus oils have a high percentage of the compound eucalyptolalso known as 1,8-cineole, that is well researched and documented for its antiviral properties. To learn more about eucalyptol, click here. The only Eucalyptus variety with low amounts of eucalyptol is the Eucalyptus Smithii, making it an excellent option to use topically.

For those that don't typically like the characteristic sharp fresh aroma of Eucalyptus Narrow Leaf and Blue Gum, may find the woody green aroma of the Eucalyptus Diives more appealing, or even the sweet lemony fragrance of the Citriodora variety. Here at Ananda Apothecary we like the Citriodora variety for use with children, as it has lower amounts of eucalyptol, and mixes well with the other varieties should you want a more camphoraceous scent.

Eucalyptus oils also have more uses than just to treat your common colds and flus, they are excellent antimicrobial agents that go well in any home made cleaning products, such as this recipe here. Each variety also adds a lovely spa-like feel when used in the shower or bath.

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What more of a reason do you need to add Eucalyptus to your medicine cabinet?

If you are interested in any previous Ananda Weekly Favorites, we will post them in our blog for your convenience.