Ananda's Weekly Favorite Essential Oil: Siberian Fir


Now that the holidays are fast approaching, many of us here at Ananda have been enjoying the firs, particularly the Siberian Fir. Did you know that here at Ananda Apothecary we carry two varieties of Fir Needle? The Douglas Fir is from one of our favorite distillers in France with a sweet pine-like aroma with high antimicrobial properties. The Siberian Fir on the other hand is from Russia, that is bright, uplifting, and grounding without being over powering to the senses.

Siberian Fir is predominantly composed of Bornyl Acetate which is commonly found in many pine and fir essential oils giving it that characteristic piney aroma. Bornyl acetate has many properties that include, anti-inflammatory, stimulating relaxation, reducing free radicals, and mild analgesic properties.

Siberian Fir is also composed of the compound camphene. Camphene is known to be antifungal for skin infections, and can even help you get rid of athletes foot. In addition to antifungal properties, camphene is anti-viral and can even be used to aid in the treatment of respiratory bacterial infections like congestion and bronchitis.

We love the Siberian Fir because it is not only consistently a high quality oil, but smells absolutely amazing in cleaning products, candles, soaps, and diffused in any room.

If you are interested in any previous Ananda Weekly Favorites, we will post them in our blog for your convenience.