Ananda's Weekly Favorite Essential Oil: Neroli Petitgrain


neroli Neroli is distilled from the blossoms of the same tree which produces the well-known Bergamot fruit.

One of our more exquisite and favorite oils we carry at Ananda Apothecary is Neroli Essential oil. Sadly, it is very expensive. And for good reason. Neroli essential oil is distilled from the blossoms of bitter orange trees and therefore requires a lot of flowering blossoms to generate the oil, which is costly.

Thankfully, Neroli Petitigrain is the "poor mans neroli" and significantly more affordable. But what is the difference? Rather than being distilled from purely blossoms, Neroli Petitgrain is distilled from the whole blossoming branch, with the blossoms only making up about 8% of the total plant matter for distillation.

Neroli Petitgrain carries similar therapeutic properties which include skincare for acne prone skin and reducing sebum production which is great if you suffer from oily skin. It is also strengthens and enlivens you upon inhalation and can help you breathe more deeply (so an excellent diffusing oil for yoga, meditation, or congested breathing) while easing anxiety. And finally, Neroli Petitgrain can be used to lessen abdominal cramps due to stomach aches caused by constipation by initiating parysatlic action or abdominal cramps during menstrual cycles.

Aromatically, we would say that Neroli Petitgrain smells pretty darn close to Neroli essential oil. It is a little greener with a slight earthy musk rather than the characteristic floral sweetness exhibited in Neroli essential oil. Neroli Petitgrain mixes excellently with other citrus oils like Orange (pssst a dash of the Wild Orange is slightly better) and Bergamot. We also found that adding a drop or two of Clary Sage to a Neroli Petitgrain blend can help add more floral tones to the oil.

If you are interested in any previous Ananda Weekly Favorites, we will post them in our blog for your convenience.