Now through November 5, 2018 midnight, you can receive complimentary 2ml bottles of Copaiba Balsam, Palo Santo and Frankincense CO2. Spend $129 and receive a 10ml bottle of Tagetes essential oil.






Copaiba Balsam The smell is fantastic. It's woody, earthy, and slightly sweet. We really enjoy it just for aromatic purposes. So, if you haven't given Copaiba Balsam oil a try, we highly recommend it! Copaiba Balsam oil is distilled from the resin of trees growing throughout South America. The trees grow wild, and no harm comes to them from extraction of the resin (like Frankincense and Myrrh). The resin itself has been used by indigenous cultures for ages for wound healing, and in the last few years, scientific investigation (including a published in the Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2009) indicated the oil had several wound healing properties, including being strongly antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving.

USE: It's been used for bronchial illnesses as a chest rub (in a carrier) or diffuser (it's too thick for the cold-air nebulizer alone, but will work in any ultrasonic or warming diffuser just fine).

We recently wrote about Palo Santo in our Blog revealing the Study for it's therapeutic actions against stress. We tend to like it overall for it's aromatic quality. Aside from it's calming actions and support to the nervous system, you'll find this a wonderful oil for asthma or during winter seasons when colds are more apt to float around. It supports the respiratory system in helping move mucous and stimulating the bronchi. It's subtle aromatherapy properties offer  settling, calming and grounding aspects. Traditionally Palo Santo is regarded rather sacred in indigenous tribes, it has often been used for shamanic ritual; as a valuable tool for meditation, spiritual connection, and enhancing creativity. You may find it useful for maintaining concentration or focus too. 

USE: We enjoy diffusing this one with Lime or Frankincense Carteri (Wild grown, Steam distilled). It clears the air nicely and offers an uplifting, yet centering aspect to the environment. Great for stilling the mind.

Frankincense Carteri CO2! This is just one of our all time favorites. The Boswellia Carteri from Somalia, the most widely researched for its medicinal actions of the Frankincense varieties, has an uplifting woody and citrusy aroma sought out in perfumery for its gorgeously deep and resinous notes. If you're not too familiar with CO2 extractions, do see our explanation on how they differ from steam distillations here.

USE: We tend to choose the CO2 option of Frankincense when making blends, although it is lovely to diffuse as well and for those not super skin sensitive, we have applied this neat for a quick shift in mood.


Tagetes is yummy for your Skin~ it makes a wonderful addition for skin care formulations
Especially good for skin infections, small weeping wounds, fungal infections. Known to neutralize microbes, fungi, insects and parasites. Aromatically, you'll find it refreshing, sweet and floral. It's a nice addition to citrus, and florals in blends. Try it with Copaiba Balsam or Palo Santo... it tends to blend well with woods too!

NOTE: Tagetes is phototoxic. Do not use in sun exposure, and use under .01% in topical formulations

See more of it's properties here.