Continue to Build Strong Relationships with Quality Vendors Across the Globe:

These relationships go deep, with our fingers having been in the dirt where some of our oils are grown and harvested. We insist that all certification be current and we maintain strong ties to our vendors because of all the third-party certifications they complete annually. These relationships have taken years to cultivate and our customers are the beneficiaries of these bonds.

Receive Oil, Test for Chemical Composition and Physical Properties:

Before an oil is allowed to be sold, we thoroughly test the purity and authenticity of each oil in our state-of-the-art laboratory. Dr. Anthony Ferrari, Ph.D. and lab technician Mikella Zyglicznska test every batch of oil that enters our facility. We use a GC/MS (gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer) to analyze the chemical composition of our oils to ensure that no adulteration has occurred. We, here at the Ananda Apothecary, also test the physical properties of the oils using a number of “fingerprint” techniques that assist in identifying adulterations that may not be seen via the GC/MS testing. We also have published a number of peer reviewed articles in dignified journals that will lead the industry in exciting new directions.

Maintain a Strong "Paper-Trail" for Each Lot:

We are a third party EcoCert/USDA Organic certified production facility. This relationship proves that we have dedicated a large part of our inventory system to maintaining documentation throughout our handling with organic and non-organic products. All employees are constantly tracking and maintaining records to ensure each LOT # is associated with the correct batch received from a given vendor.

Ensure the Customer Receives a High-Quality Product:

If all of these goals are met, the customer will receive oils of the highest possible quality in the industry.