Avocado Oil

Distillation Method:
Expeller Pressed, Unrefined
Plant Part:
Latin Name:
Persea gratissima
Certified Organic

About the Oil: Avocado oil is deeply penetrating, moisturizing and nourishing, which makes it a wonderful emollient highly prized by those with skin issues. It is a relatively thick and rich oil that may be best blended with other carrier oils for a workable consistency.

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Chemical Families

CHEMISTRY Fatty acid content: Oleic acid ~6.-72.% Palmitic acid ~12.-16.% Linoleic acid ~8.-15.3% Palmitoleic acid ~4.3-6.8% Stearic acid ~2.% Linolenic <2.% Nutrients: essential fatty acids lecithin potassium sterols pantothenic acid amino acids chloraphyll vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E


The avocado tree was first found growing in South American swamp lands where it was nick-named the 'alligator pear'.


Avocado oil is a deep emerald green color with a thick and rich texture. It works best blended with other carrier oils and essential oils. Avocado oil is rich in many nutrients including vitamins A (anti-aging vitamin) and D (useful for people living in low sunshine areas), sterol (about 10%, useful for arthritis blends), and chlorophyll–the reason for its dazzling green color.

The oil is extracted from the flesh, which contains up to 30% pure oil–a number rivaled only by olive and palm fruit. Crude avocado oil is produced by mechanical pressing on hydraulic presses, followed by centrifugal extraction.

This is the only carrier oil we sell that we recommend leaving at a cool room temperature rather then in the refrigerator as it forms deposits and it congeals. If it does become more solid, just set the bottle of oil in warm water.


Technically, avocados are a fruit because they have a stone.

Therapeutic Properties


  • softens
  • soothes
  • penetrates deeply
  • reduces redness
  • diminishes swelling
  • promotes cell regeneration
  • cleans the skin
  • conditions skin
  • nourishes
  • protects
  • moisturizes deeply
  • prevents chapping, cracks and stretch marks
  • helps heal wounds
  • absorbs UV rays
  • Especially good for: dry skin, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, mature skin, chapped and climate damaged skin, undernourished skin, sun damaged skin, postmenapausal skin, inflammation, diaper rash, eczema
Aromatherapy Details

Avocado oil has a mild, slightly nutty aroma.