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The liver is responsible for over 500 bodily functions, and is peripherally involved in every single physiological function. As the organ that cleanses the blood coming from the digestive tract before sending it to other parts of the body, the liver occasionally needs support to function properly. Enter essential oils!

All of the toxins and chemicals (food additives, caffeine, pharmaceuticals, etc.) we ingest must be filtered by the liver. Thus, an optimally functioning liver is essential to the health of all major body systems. Symptoms of a congested liver can range from fatigue to loose stools to allergies and throat problems. More esoterically, liver problems may manifest as irritability, anger, and rage. (Note: the following treatments should not be used in acute cases of hepatitis. Contact your health care professional for advice.)

Try these essential oils in a blend to calm and detoxify the liver:

  • Helichrysum- possesses curcumenes, which are potent anti-inflammates, and are also . Additionally, high levels of di-ketones, not found in any other essential oil, give Helichrysum its ability to stimulate tissue regeneration. When using Helichrysum for chelation, massage a diluted formula into the feet to remove metals from the body.

  • Carrot Seed oil - useful in liver cleansing, whether dietary or otherwise.  In 'Aromatherapy Scent and Psyche', Peter Damian notes: "Diuretic and hepatic, carrot seed operates as a kidney and liver cleanser, particularly indicated for jaundice and hepatitis. Its detoxifying properties are likewise effective for treating arthritis and rheumatism." Carrot seed also regulates and promotes menstruation, making it inappropriate for use during pregnancy.

  • Lemon Oil - a depurative, purifies the body via the blood in particular.
Detox Support Blend
Carrot Seed (aka Queen Anne's Lace)

5-10% Helichrysum

10% Carrot Seed oil

5% Lemon Oil

4 oz Jojoba Oil

Combine the essential oils into the carrier oil. 1% = 12 drops per ounce. (This means that 10% equals 48 drops in a 4 oz bottle.) Apply twice daily to the soles of the feet for the duration of your cleanse. At night, you can wear dark socks to avoid staining your sheets. You could also use the oil for massage, compress, or add 2 ml to a bath.

Bonus: Silky soft feet!

Happy Cleansing!