Roships from which rosehip seed oil is pressed Rosehip CO2 is a concentrated form of Rosehip Seed oil, thoroughly researched in the 1980's for its ability to reverse appearance of sun damage.

Would you like an effective pre- and post-sun natural sunscreen alternative? Here's a few very easily made blends with strong antioxidant and UV-ray protective properties that will do your skin right! Summer is coming, and we'll all be spending a little more time in the Sun.

The value of the CO2-distilled oils in these blends cannot be overstated. This distillation method results in a wider-range of the plant's phyto-nutrients in the oils, making these deeply-colored oils so effective.

Calendula Flowers

It's these colored components of the oils which imparts their diverse anti-oxidant and regenerative properties to the skin. These compounds can help stop, or at least slow, the aging process that excessive sun exposure can cause. Sea Buckthorn oil was even studied by the Soviet space agency for use by cosmonauts to protect their skin from UV rays in space! - while Rosehip Seed oil was thoroughly studied in the 1980's for its ability to actually reverse the signs of sun damage to the skin with continued use. The CO2 has a MUCH higher concentration of regenerative, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients than Rosehip Seed carrier oil itself.

Sea Buckthorn oil has a long history of use in skin care, and perhaps even more ancient in beauty-blends is Calendula. In addition to Carrot Root, ALL these oils are known for their regenerative properties in skin-healing (as well as their strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well).

Another reason CO2-distilled oils work so well in skin-care is that they are very gentle -- your skin won't mind higher concentrations than it may with traditional steam-distilled oils. Using the CO2's, it is absolutely OK to make skin blends with concentrations of 'essential oils' higher than 3%. We actually put these on 'neat' sometimes, though our skin get's a little crazy-colored for a while :)


Sea Buckthorn Essential Oil

Each of these CO2 oils has a complex mixture of nutrients that limit the two major skin aging processes which occur from Sun-exposure: oxidation and inflammation. Oxidation occurs when a photon of light knocks an electron from its orbit in a molecule from any cell in your skin. That molecule then becomes an "oxidative radical", and tries to steal electrons from other molecules.

The powerful antioxidants in these CO2 oils stop this process by donating an electron to the oxidative radical.  There are several "classes" of oxidative radicals, and that's one reason a blend of antioxidant oils can be useful. Depending on where this electron gets 'bumped' from, a different 'class' of oxidative radical is produced. Rosemary CO2 contains one of the only known antioxidants which 'quenches' free radicals of each known class (though ALL these oils work in concert to stop the 'oxidation cascade', as it is called).


Rosemary essential oil

Inflammation is the other aspect of sun-damage we'd like to prevent. German chamomile CO2, and carrier oils such as Virgin Coconut are also known for their anti-inflammatory activity (as are, actually, all the oils included in these blends, yet the Chamomile may be the strongest).

We use a couple of different blends here ourselves protecting our skin when in the 'elements', and  you can mix 3 of any of these CO2 oils in really any carrier oil for a great formula - we highly recommend our Super Skin Care base on our Carrier Oils page, as it has oils with many, many documented healthy-skin properties.

Apply  before and after sun exposure, and perhaps again later in the day for best results. You may find your skin turns a little red while the antioxidants absorb, but it won't take too long.

RECIPES: Now here are some ideas of these formulas...what's important to note is that you can use any/all of these oils mentioned. All will be helpful in caring for your skin when in the Sun. Mix and match as you prefer! There is no true 'magic' formula. Use MORE Sea Buckthorn if you're not including Rosehip, or the other way around. Be creative, and use your intuition!

'ALL IN ONE' Sun Blend - to make each 1 fluid ounce
This one is great - apply before or right-after sun exposure for best results. It WILL leave your skin a little orange as it absorbs. This is normal! Add to the base oils of your choice - we suggest our Super Skin Care Base. To make it simple, purchase a 1oz (30ml) Violet Bottle w/Pump Top, add the essential oils first, then top off with the carrier oil blend. Shake well and apply often!
15 drops Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2
15 drops Carrot Root CO2
15 drops Rosehip CO2
15 drops Calendula CO2
7 drops
Rosemary Antioxidant (it's really potent!)
11 drops German Chamomile CO2

Add a little Sandalwood (for men) or Rose Otto (for women) if you'd like to give it a little aroma - and both are excellent for skin care!...None of these CO2 oils are strong aromatically, and the blend as listed will have almost no scent. Also, there IS some 'cross-over' with these oils, so if you are unable to use them ALL, getting at least 3 or 4 in the blend (and making it a little stronger if you like) will be very valuable.

Super Regenerative Post Sun / Nightime Blend
This blend is for the skin at night, with highly-regenerative oils
20 drops Helichrysum italicum (one of the most 'regenerative' essential oil known, and strongly anti-inflammatory)
20 drops Rosehip CO2
20 drops Calendula CO2

We strongly encourage you to add your own favorite skin-care essential oils to this formula. A few suggestions include Rose Otto, Rosemary Verbenone, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, or Blue Tansy...there are of course many more!