Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are a great way to achieve both the fragrance and therapeutic value from essential oils. While the candles do not give as intense an effect as the direct application of an essential oil, they instead provide a more subtle influence. As they burn, the candles release a continuous stream of vaporized essential oils into the air, which you absorb when you breathe. First, they stimulate the olfactory nerves that lead from the nose to the brain, and then they enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body.

Here is a short and most definitely not exhaustive list of oils and their associated recommendations, commonly used in candles for their fragrance and aromatherapy value:

  1. Bergamot - a citrus fruit used to lift the spirits and reduce stress and fatigue.
  2. Chamomile, Roman or German - calming, refreshing, antiseptic.
  3. Clary Sage - Warming, soporiphic, and is thought to enhance one's abilities to dream. Very beneficial to the female reproductive system, easing amenorrhea, cramps, and menstrual pain. (Not to be used during pregnancy)
  4. Eucalyptus - stimulant and antiseptic. Recommended for treating coughs and colds. Use it in a hot bath!
  5. Jasmine - antidepressant and antiseptic. Also used to overcome anxiety.
  6. Lavender - The most common essential oil, used for its calming and relaxing effects on the body and mind.
  7. Neroli - Used for its calming and anti-anxiety effects.
  8. Orange - Relaxing, calming, and spirit lifting. Brings balance to the nervous system and emotions.
  9. Oregano - antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antihistamine.
  10. Rose - Used as an antiseptic and anti-depressant as well as for its famous scent.
  11. Rosemary - a physical and mental stimulant that can also be very relaxing.
  12. Tea Tree - one of the best anti-viral essential oils you can find! Also great for its antifungal properties, and can be used as an insect repellent.
  13. Ylang ylang - This fragrant flower relieves pain, eases anxiety, and has been known to be an aphrodisiac.


How to make an aromatherapy candle: We wouldn't be doing our fantastic customers justice without giving you a quick and easy recipe for making your own Ananda Aromatherapy candle, would we? Try our recipe out and let us know how your candle turns out!

Ingredients and Tools:

  • Organic beeswax or soy
  • Your favorite blend of essential oils (or just one!)
  • Organic cotton wicks
  • Heat-proof container to melt the wax or soy
  • Wooden spoon to stir
  • Pot to heat water
  • Jars, tins, or your container of choice for the candle (make sure it is completely clean!)
  • Candle dye (optional)


  1. Pour 1 inch (2.54 cm) of water into pot and bring to a low simmer
  2. Place beeswax or soy into the heat-proof container and place in the water until it melts completely. Fill about 3/4 full.
  3. Optional: Add the candle dye and stir until completely melted and the color is uniform.
  4. Cut the wicks to fit the candle container.
  5. Secure the wicks to the bottom and center of the container.
  6. When the wax has melted, take out of the water bath and stir in your desired amount of essential oils.
  7. Note: Wax should NOT be heated above 275 F (135 C). Mix in the oils when the wax has cooled to about 140 F (60 C), so the heat doesn't damage the oils.
  8. Heat the candle container using a blow-dryer or putting it in the oven (must be oven-safe!)
  9. Pour the wax-oil mix slowly to avoid air pockets into the prepared container, making sure the wick sticks out by at least 1/4 inch (1/2 cm). You can trim the wick after the wax has cooled.
  10. Allow to cool.
  11. Burn and enjoy your homemade aromatherapy candle!