Cannabidiol (CBD) is powerful at treating many ailments on its own, and when combined with very particular safely-ingested essential oils, CBC's efficacy is multiplied significantly.

Blending CBD with these essential oils offers great benefits to your health! Ananda is at the leading edge by scientifically-formulating critical essential oils with Cannabidiol for optimum health benefits.

No other company is currently making these formulas, and we want you to know we are committed to creating the very finest blends for your personal health goals and transformation!

Terpenes are hydrocarbon molecules produced by virtually every member of the plant kingdom, and are found in most essential oils.  When the terpene molecules of Hemp essential oil mix with the CBD; scientists call the health-benefiting synergy of these molecules “the entourage effect”.  The name the "entourage effect" came out of the broad spectrum of therapeutic properties that are significantly enhanced when the molecules of Hemp CO2 and Hemp steam distilled essential oils work together, creating an overall greater state of well-being. Many other essential oils will also dramatically synergize with CBD, giving us an array of profound combinations of these natural medicines, which Ananda will be developing further in coming times.

For a very in-depth review about CBD and Essential Oil Synergy, and how the formulas we make offer significant benefits over traditional CBD products, check out this article written by our owner, Eric Cech! You'll also learn the mechanisms in which CBD works to provide its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and immune boosting combinations with these important groups of natural molecules.