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And, how much can I safely take if I may be drug tested? This is one of the most frequently asked questions about our CBD products, and one that needs definitive answer. In general the answer is 'no, you will not fail a drug test', unless you take a lot of CBD every day, and even this depends on which drug test method is being used. As a side note, we've never had a report from any customer, nor seen any post anywhere on the internet where someone who was taking CBD supplements failed a drug test.

Our amazing and brilliant in-house analytical chemist, Dr. Tony Ferrari, did some investigation, and the math on our formulas. Researchers state in this peer-reviewed science article: Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidiol, a Cannabis sativa Constituent that a maximum acceptable daily THC intake to pass the most stringent tests (typically used by government agencies) is 0.45 milligrams. More typical, less stringent urinalysis tests would only be triggered if the were four to five times this figure.

The researchers also made this comment, referring to the more stringent test: “The subjects were given single daily THC doses in an oil matrix, ranging from 0.09 to 0.6 mg, over four successive 10- day periods. Their urine samples were screened for cannabinoids using radioimmunoassay, a method of measuring very small amounts of a substance in blood....The radioimmunoassay results showed that daily ingestion of up to 0.45 mg of THC in an oil matrix did not screen positive at a 50 ng/mL cutoff. ”

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So how much of our CBD formulas can you take daily before it may result in a positive drug test? Using the data from our Certificates of Analysis for our CBD products (which we encourage you to open the Certificate of Analysis here if you'd like to follow along) Dr. Ferrari calculated these figures: In a 5mL bottle we have 401.76 mg of Hemp CO2 extract, with a 26% concentration of CBD (providing 104.66 mg of pure CBD). The Hemp CO2 extract contains 0.62% THC, so if we multiply the total 401.76 grams of Hemp CO2 by 0.0062 (equivalent to 0.62%) this equals = 2.490912 mg THC in 5 mL bottle.  Using this number we calculated the amount of THC per drop, then found how many drops it would take to reach the maximum allowed 0.45 mg of daily THC intake.

The Result: How much can you safely take if you are subject to drug testing? Our research shows this to be a maximum of 38 drops of CBD per day or less to pass a Immunoassay drug test (a high level drug test used by some employers, law enforcement agencies, and drug treatment programs).**  With the standard urine drug test, the number of drops of CBD could be significantly higher at approximately 150 drops per day.

**This number translates to each size of every formula. The only different formula(CBD ‘100’) requires 37.9 drops, essentially the same number as the other CBD formulas. Please note, this number is not a guarantee, but rather our best estimate as to how many drops it would take to pass a drug test, based off of the research and data available to us. There are other factors involved, like one's body mass index, exercise frequency, how hydrated you are, etc, but these are the facts as best we could deliver them to you!