What Exactly is CBD?

CBD, short for 'cannabidiol', is the most abundant cannabinoid found in 'industrial' hemp strains of the Cannabis sativa plant.

CBD has a wealth of scientific research supporting its positive effects for a huge number of health conditions, and its use as a natural remedy is truly booming.*

Learn more about CBD, how it works with the body, and its many potential health benefits, in these posts on the Ananda Apothecary Blog:

So what exactly are Terpenes?

Myrcene is the most abundant terpene in Hemp essential oil, to which scientific research has attributed a number of therapeutic properties.

Terpenes are aromatic molecules produced by virtually every member of the plant kingdom, and are found in most essential oils. The terpene 'Linalool', for example, is the primary constituent of Lavender essential oil, imparting much of its scent and therapeutic properties.

Hemp essential oil is rich in both Myrcene and ß-caryophyllene (along with other terpenes) which, like CBD itself, have wealth of scientific research supporting their potential health benefits.*

The Cannabinoid + Terpene Connection

Interestingly, both terpenes and phyto-cannabinoids (cannabinoids made by plants, as opposed to those made within our own bodies) share a molecular precursor. They are biochemically produced from the same molecule (geranyl pyrophosphate) by the hemp plant...and research is showing terpenes and cannabinoids may have synergistic health benefits when used together.*

Both Myrcene and CBD have been shown in research to be:

  • Analgesic (pain relieving)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-spasmodic (relieves muscle spasms)
  • Anti-psychotic (alleviating symptoms of mental disorders)
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-prolific / Anti-mutagenic (inhibits cell mutation, potential cancer treatment)


CBD Oil formulas

ß-caryophyllene and CBD have both been shown to be anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) in research as well. Curiously, CBD is known to interact with the CB1 receptor, and caryophyllene with the CB2 receptor - these are the two receptors found in our own endogenous cannabinoid system.

Ananda's CBD Formulas
are Terpene-Rich!

Our CBD Plus includes hemp essential oil, and our 'x3' contains both hemp EO as well as Frankincense SCO2 extract, rich in sesqui-terpenes.

Our blends are carefully formulated to deliver 1mg CBD in every 2 drops ~ and our 'Plus' and 'x3' recipes include significant amounts of Myrcene, ß-caryophyllene, and other terpenes considered to have potential therapeutic health benefits as well.*


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