Chamomile Flowers from which the essential oil is distilled. Chamomile flowers, from which the essential oil is distilled.

It is little known that there are more than one type of German Chamomile essential oil, and that the most therapeutic contain the highest levels of a natural constituent called α-bisolbol.

Many users are concerned with the levels of matracin and chamuzine, yet it is the α-bisolbolol (alpha-bisolobolol, if this is not appearing on your computer correctly!) Which is considered by some leading therapists as far outweighing the therapeutic properties of the matracin (which becomes the blue chamulzine during the distillation process).




German Chamomile Essential Oil




While the level of matracin is important, so is the level of alpha-bisolbol. Our German chamomile oils, particularly the CO2 oil, is contains a significant amount of this consitituent, enough to be considered an alpha-bisolbolol chemotype (with levels over 12%).

Recent research on this constiuent alone has demonstrated its anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing activity. Published in the August 26th Naunyn Schmiedebergs Archives of  Pharmacology, was a report entiled "Anti-nociceptive (reduction in pain perception) and anti-inflammatory activities of (-)-α-bisabolol", concluding "We demonstrate...the peripheral anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive activities of (-)-α-bisabolol".

It is because of the synergy of matracin, chamulizine, and α-bisabolol that the best therapeutic German Chamomile oils produce their effect. It is for these reasons we've included it in blends such as Athlete Magic, and plan to use it in other skin care and anti-inflammatory formulations. Our steam distilled variety contains high amounts of the constituent, and CO2 German Chamomile is exceptionally potent; is called for at about half the level of even high quality steam distilled oils.

FURTHER, α-bisabolol has been recently noted for anti-tumorial activity, in a study called "Antitumor effects of alpha-bisabolol against pancreatic cancer" published in the August 28 issue of the journal of Cancer Science. Here, researchers conclude "Our data indicate that α-bisabolol could be a novel therapeutic option for pancreatic cancer".

The bottom line is that German Chamomile is a worthwhile addition to many blends, and for skin care, it should be used at about 1/2 of 1% concentration or less (some therapists believe concentrations of over 2% are too strong, invoking a pro-inflammatory repsonse, rather than reduction of inflammation).

With inflammation know being known as one of the cornerstone of cellular aging, German chamomile is worth a second look at including in many of your formulations.

To your health!