5 Steps to diffuse Essential Oils

Discussion of the diffusion of oils, diffuser styles and their uses, which oils you can use for different results and more
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5 Steps to diffuse Essential Oils

Post by Roweyan » Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:35 am

Diffusion is any method or device that disperses essential oil molecules into the air. It’s the most popular method of using essential oils.

There are lots of good reasons to diffuse essential oils into the air:
• add natural fragrance to a space or set a mood
• kill air born germs
• treat sickness
• help with insomnia


1. Tissue: Place 2-3 drops of essential oil on a tissue and keep it near you. Tuck in the vent of your car or simply hold close to your nose. Refresh with 1 drop every hour.

2. TEA LIGHT DIFFUSERS A small ceramic or stone container is filled with water and heated by a tea lite candle (not votive). Add 6-10 drops of essential oil to the water (I add hot water to speed things up). The aromatic vapors of the essential oils will be carried up into the air by the steam.

3. NEBULIZER A nebulizer is an electric device that pumps air through a glass vial filled with oil. I consists of a plastic base (the pump) and a glass nebulzier that holds and sprays the oils out in a fine mist. They cover a large area and disperse the mist into the air evenly.

4. TERRACOTTA PENDANT NECK DIFFUSER This is pretty straight forward. You keep the oils close to your face and inhale the molecules as they evaporate. Diffusers that you wear around your neck can be beautiful as well as functional

5. PLUG-IN DIFFUSERS These plug into the wall or your car charger unit. They use low heat to evaporate the essential oils into the air. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil on the pads and that’s it. It is inexpensive, highly portable and easy to use.

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